Magic: The Gathering. More Fun in the Philippines

“More fun in the Philippines” photos are going viral so let’s join the “Philipp-FUN” memes! More about this tourism campaign here – It’s more fun in the Philippines.

Neutral Grounds Philippines also shows active participation by running a related contest on their Facebook fan page:

Just to ride on the current trending meme. We’d like to challenge our photoshop talented fans to show us through a picture why “Magic, It’s more fun in the Philippines!”

Winner gets a free Dark Ascension pre release pass. Upload the pictures here on our FB page and tag yourself and five other gamers you know. We’ll determine the winner by January 21, 2012.

So here’s my entry:

Magic: The Gathering. More Fun in the Philippines

MTG draft with Sesame Street Conspirators. Lol.

Friday MBS Draft with the SSC

I was not able to join FNM due to work-related issues. Grrrr. I just resigned and Monday is supposed to be my last day but for some reason, all of my office accounts were terminated in the late Friday afternoon. I called the IT department to sort things out, making me 15 minutes late for the FNM schedule. I just decided to go home and take a nap before our Mirrodin Besieged draft at Metrowalk.

Here comes the Sesame Street Conspirators with their drafted MBS decks.

Papet MBS Draft

Our first Mirrodin Besieged All-Puppets Draft

We’ve just opened an extremely amazing box! Some notable rares:

It was my MBS box. Well, one of my pre-ordered boxes but we decided to use it for draft. 🙁

We had 3 rounds, some players dropped because they don’t have the luxury of time to play until dawn. Haha. Finished 2-1 and I got Phyrexian Crusader and Hero of Bladehold from the prize packs!

Here’s my infect deck:

It was fun! Lots of fun… once again, it was one happy puppets/MTG friends bonding and great MTG draft experience.

Lastly, I ended up buying Tezzeret. It was so frustrating not to have those good cards from my own box. Haha. Still trying to get over it. 🙂