MTG Philippine Open 2011

I wasn’t emotionally fit for the big event yet I chose to play. I believed that I have all the energy, determination and mental strength to keep winning playing. Not until the consecutive losses weakened my fighting spirit. Hell, no! The pessimistic side’s urge to drop the next few rounds didn’t succeed. I played up to the last round which rewarded me with a free win by default. Not that I am happy winning that way, though. I prefer actual and fair matches.

It was my second time to use RDW in a weekend tournament. (First time was at SM North Sky Garden which made me appreciate the RED deck.) Though I had my playtests during FNMs (plus GAME DAYs), it just gave me a little hint of the Philippine Open’s meta, hence the confusion of what to sideboard. Of course I was expecting UB Control, Caw Blade, Valakut, Hawkward and more RDWs! Hmmm. What else? Not sure. I just let my boyfriend tweaked my deck based on the feedback I’ve given him. Hehe. So here we go!



Liz MTG Phil Open

Round 1: RDW VS Caw-Blade


Babu MTG Phil Open

The Boyfriend - He's awesome in white! 🙂

Round 1: DRAW
vs Caw Blade: 1 – 1

Round 2: LOSS
vs BG Dungrove: 1 – 2

Round 3: LOSS
vs BR Vampires: 0 – 2

Round 4: LOSS
vs Hawkward (Tempered): 1 – 2

Round 5: WIN
vs UB Control: 2 – 1

Round 6: WIN
vs UGW Control (Rogue): 2 – 0

Round 7: DRAW
vs Caw Blade: 1 – 1

Round 8: LOSS
vs Eldrazi: 1 – 2

Round 9: WIN
No Show

(UPDATE: Sorry guys, I was not able to update this with a detailed report… It’s been a week and I can no longer recall the highlights of my matches.)