Lots of Goodies from 3 New Phyrexia Prereleases

Pinkville’s (PINK and MAGIC Convergence Zone) update depends on MTGirl so I better rush my PR post here.

As you may know, my MTG addiction hits again! Right after Friday Night Magic (started at 8PM, finished by 12MN) at Titan Hobby Shop – Libis, I headed to Kapitolyo branch along with 3 other players for the midnight prerelease.

FNM Report: 2-1-1 (Naya Toolbox)

Round 1: DRAW
vs Monogreen Elves: 1 – 1

Thanks to Linvala, Keeper of Silence for such a loooong game!

Round 2: WIN
vs RDW: 2 – 1

Searing Blaze zeroed my life in game 1. And his Jinxed Idol annoyed me that much.

Thanks to Phyrexian Revoker, Jinxed Idol is forever his! 😀 I’ve got a reserved Refraction Trap, just in case. Game 2 and 3 were mine.

Round 3: LOSS
vs Vampires: 0 – 2

Pressured here! Yeah, misplays. Destined to lose anyway, opponent had the upper hand when he won Game 1 and we’re on the last 5 turns of game 2.

Round 4: WIN
vs Tempered Steel: 2 – 0

Hero of Oxid Ridge for the win! 🙂

Midnight PR time! I was able to pull out bombs from my card pool and manage to construct this deck:

Sideboards that worked for me:

Mortis Dogs, Apostle’s Blessing, Sylvok Lifestaff, Myrsmith


– Land management… tapping all my swamps for Toxic Nim, giving me no extra black mana to regenerate it.

– Not maximizing Geth’s abilities. 🙁

Finished 1-3. We’re done by 6PM and I went home with two other magic players. I managed to get a 2-hour sleep and a relaxing shower before heading to Eton Cyberpod for the morning prerelease.

My boyfriend and I were both in Flight D. I immediately dropped after getting Koth of the Hammer and Phyrexian Obliterator. I forgot about the other rares. I think there’s Torpor Orb, too.

Then I joined again for the next pod, which happened to be in Flight D again. Same table number. Gaahhh. Nothing impressive on my card pool. I even got Venser’s Journal on the last pack, that’s the 10th one ‘coz we have 9 of them at home. Grrr.

Die roll, and then it was “pass 2 to the left”.

Here’s the deck that gave me a 4 – 0 standing.

SB that worked for me:
1 Flesh Allergy
1 Grindclock
1 Relic Putrescence
1 Gremlin Mine

Enslave for the win! Another remarkable round is when Phyrexian Metamorph copied opponent’s Tumble Magnet! I won after tapping his only creature.

I like my midnight PR deck better than this one but for some reason, my standing is not that good as the morning pod. It might be my sleepy head and tired body begging for a bed rest as the dawn approaches.

New Phyrexia Pre Release

My first PR shirt!

I’ll post our NPH cards next time. Have to do a lot of sorting out!

Ready for NPH’s Action!

I’ve joined 3 New Phyrexia pre-release events already but haven’t posted a blog entry for any of them yet. Why not? Such a sweet typhoon to end our day which almost soaked our cards! Good thing, my bag was water-proof and I had my umbrella with me. Still, my boyfriend and I went home wet and dripping all over!

New Phyrexia PR Ticket

Marked as claimed...

Hot shower before anything else!

Updates to follow…