PH Nationals 2018: DRAFT It Like a PRO!

Hey! It’s been a while since I last posted a tourney report so it really feels like being a stranger in my own home… Jk.
Here’s a quick summary of how my PH Nationals 2018 went:
Standard 3-4
Draft 6-0
Final Standing: 9-4, 58th out of 603 players

Standard Decklist:

I had last minute changes to prepare for the BG and Green Stompy decks so I took out 4 Bomat and added 2 Aethersphere Harvester and 2 Rekindling Phoenix in main board plus extra tweaking of my spells and SB.

1-2 vs Monored Wizards
So hopeless with back to back to back Viashino Pyromancer!

0-2 vs RB Aggro
It was going well during the first game until he gained advantage. I was also 1 mana short to seal the game with Ribbons and so I lost.
Game 2 was a bit frustrating because I got a very good opening hand but it turned out that he got better ones and great answers to mine:
T1 Soul-scar Mage – Magma Sprayed
T2 Scrapheap – Magma Sprayed
T3 Chainwhirler – Unlicensed Disintegration
T4 Chandra – Chandra’s Defeat

0-2 vs No Show
Thank you for the free win!

0-2 vs UW Approach
I somehow missed my Bomats here. But oh well, sacrifices have to be made. All I can say is that I did my best here; taking note of opponents hand/remaining cards after using my Duress and Doomfall yet I could only do so much.

2-0 vs UG Merfolk
I’ve used UG Merfolk before so all creatures and tricks are very familiar. Glorybringer also stayed true to its name hence the sweep. 🙂

DRAFTing time!
I’ve been waiting for this and it was as if B-O-R-O-S aggro was written all over my body. I really love this format because I can better evaluate cards on their own while I have them handy rather than constructing standard decks with lots of cards to choose from.
I couldn’t remember my first pick but it must be Electrify or Onakke Ogre just because I knew I must go for R-E-D-W-H-I-T-E. Then after picking 2 Lightning Strike and 1 Shock, Guttersnipe came my way. OMG!
So happy with my deck:

2-1 vs GW
Just a typical race and I made it first. Harhar! Thanks to extra Trumpet Blast in the sideboarded games.

2-0 vs Grixis Mill

2-0 vs UW Control
It was a challenging match and it was big thanks to SB Lightning Mare equipped with Sigiled Sword of Valeron for making it all the way to success.

Day 2 came and I was once again ready to draft Boros!

First pick: Valiant Knight

There were no good removals being passed around in the first 2 packs so I invested on creatures instead. It was a good idea to go for Knights, flyers and vanilla ogre. 🙂 I was quite happy with what I drafted but I still preferred my deck in the previous pod.  My creation didn’t fail me nonetheless so who am I to complain? I finished X-O in the draft format. Huehuehue! Big thanks to my teammates for sharing their ideas during our mock nationals tournament.

Trumpet Blast became my best friend so I added 2nd copy in Game 2 of every match. Must be my lucky spell.

2-0 vs BG
My opponent said I have a good deck. Yay! His 6/6 Demon couldn’t even handle my swarm. GG.

2-1 vs UW Control
I always see control decks tougher than any other decks so it was like going through hell while trying to play around their counter spells.
Make a Stand and Trumpet Blast came very handy when he got lots of big creatures. I was also very careful with my mana tapping to reserve some for Valiant Knight.

2-1 vs RG
Game 1 highlight: Act of Treasoned his Colossal Dreadmaw for critical hit.
Game 2:
T1 Rustwing Falcon
T2 Attack with Falcon. Play Goblin Motivator, Rustwing Falcon
T3 Play Onakke Ogre. Gave haste. Swing with Ogre and Falcons.
T4 Play Rustwing Falcon. Gave haste. All in, swing! Then Trumpet Blast!
This is my favorite explosive hand in the 2-day draft. 😛

We’re back to standard, folks!
2-0 vs UR Wizards
I have to commend myself maining Aethersphere Harvester. Helped me a lot to win both games. I was down to 4 and my opponent stopped attacking so I made my move just to gain life and be free from the red zone. I was able to gain 9 life in 3 of my attacks (2 energy from Aethersphere Harvester, 1 from Aether Hub)  then I played another Aethersphere Harvester.
Game 2 was pretty much the same setup. Life gain and flyers for the win.

Ranking before the final round: 34th. I was hoping for another win for a chance to be on the Top 16.

1-2 vs Monoblack Zombies
It was a tough match. I was helpless against go big go wide zombies and I want to have this kind of deck post-rotation. Haha!

Sorry, there’s nothing much to learn here. I just wanted to start blogging again and what better way to get motivated than bragging about my X-0 draft in my own blog. 😛



I just claimed my 6 prize packs and I’ve got Bolas!

Nicol Bolas M19