Officially Inked!

I’ve got my first tattoo – Morningtide with M in the middle.

M for meaningful. Full of meaning!!!
M for Marvin, my boyfriend.
M for Morningtide, the expansion where I started to play magic.
M for Magic, the TCG I’m addicted with.
M for Mythic, I think, therefore I am!
And the list goes on!

I thought having a tattoo is like going through the needle’s eye. It’s not. It didn’t hurt. Well, it sting a bit during the detailing part but having a facial is much more painful.

Here’s what I’ve got on my upper right back:

My Magic Tattoo

My first magic-inspired tattoo!

Errr, fresh wound. Here’s how it looks after a day:

My Magic Tattoo - Day 1

Healing me softly...

And here’s what my bf got:

Planeswalker Tattoo


We might have ambigram of our names next time! Having a tattoo is soooo cool!

For progressive shots, click here: My Magic Tattoo!