The Last Magic Rewards

Finally, I received mine. I was  a little bit disappointed since I didn’t feel I received a bonus… errr, extra cards. DOJ foil to be exact!

Last Magic Rewards

The Last Magic Rewards

I was expecting a lot more with their announcement:

“The December 2010 mailing will be the final MPR mailing and will include extra cards in addition to the cards you would have normally received. This mailing will encompass all reported tournament activity through November 15, 2010. We appreciate the dedication of our fans and look forward to providing new and exciting Magic play experiences.”

Anyway, I was given what’s due to me so I should be happy about it. It’s free, so even if there’s no extra cards, I should accept it whole-heartedly. Still thankful for the  DOJ foil, plus textless Searing Blaze and Terminate!

Goodbye MPR!

Goodbye Magic Player Rewards…

I just learned about it here

Magic Player Rewards Notification

No more brownie points for me...