Which MTG Card Reminds You of Me?

I had the time of my life on Facebook the other day. LOL. Thanks to awesome MTG players!

It all started with boredom and migraine… I literally wanted to bang my head against the wall. And no, I couldn’t take any sleeping pills or pain reliever because the doctor said so. I just finished my 2-week medication and my neurologist wanted me to have a followup checkup only that I didn’t have the time yet. Probably next week.
Naming a card that reminds me of them is pretty easy. I know them personally and when I choose the card for someone, it’s either it looks like that person or the card played a special role in our games/lives. I remember some with the last card I bought from them. LOL. Others by their Commanders. And some because of their favorite or most hated card. As long as there’s a card that reminds me of them, I don’t have to give any reason. Afterall, it’s my wall. 🙂

Thanks to nested comments, the thread is more organized. I can directly reply to people without tagging their names. It seems that these are the crowd’s favorites judging from the “Likes” (View Full FB Post):

Then I asked them the same question…
MTG Question: Which MTG Card Reminds You of Me?

Lo and behold! Their comments are quite entertaining (View Full FB Post):

Liliana of the VeilHornet QueenElves of Deep ShadowJokulmorderGo for the throat
Teysa, Envoy of GhostsElspeth, Knight-ErrantThoughtseizeRoastTamiyo, the Moon Sage
Argothian EnchantressWindwright MageMaster of WavesEternal WitnessPacifism
Learn from the pastChandra, PyromasterFleecemane LionPhyrexian DreadnoughtCarrion Feeder
Stoneforge MysticThassa, God of the SeaHellriderMonastery Swiftspear

I have so many personalities. LOL. And these:

The next time I’m bored, I’ll just read this post again. And even if I grow older, for sure this post will still make me smile…

MTG Geeks vs Nerds vs Dorks

Avacyn Restored PR is just around the corner so it means I better check the spoiler and get ready! I haven’t played for a while now. The last time was during the DKA PR. Pathetic! Lol.

But this MTG hiatus will be over soon. Hehe. Well, I hope so!

MTG Geeks vs Nerds vs Dorks

MTG Geeks vs Nerds vs Dorks

Vivid Meadow: Photoblog Inspiration

Gone are the days of vivid lands. Vivid Meadow is my favorite among them simply because I’m a white player. Now, I’ve just got the time to finally use the artwork in my blog header. Take a look at Vivid Meadow:

MTG Blog - Vivid Meadow

The new theme is making me more inspired. 🙂

Gotta start shooting photos now!

Innistrad’s League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

I love trivias! And the one from last night made me sleepless. I wonder… Are these people the casts of “The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen“?

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen in the cards of Innistrad

Magic Trivia Game #3: Show me the 6 members of The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen in the cards of Innistrad!

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Movie

I’m just guessing… (with the help of my boyfriend…)

Alan Quatermain – Elite Inquisitor
Mina Murray – Olivia Voldaren
Invisible Man – Invisible Stalker
Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde and – Civilized Scholar/Homicidal Brute
Dorian Gray – Elder of Laurels
Captain Nemo – Grizzled Outcast

I want to know the answer! Lol. 🙂

When the Gargoyle Falls

Another Humpty Dumpty story! 🙂

Manor Gargoyle - Stony Silence

Manor Gargoyle - Stony Silence

Cute Innistrad rares (with their related artworks, abilities and flavor texts)… But of course they’re not my top picks. ^_^

Liliana on My Mind!

Oh gosh! I’m so inlove with Liliana of the Veil! So hot and sexy! ^vixen^
– my Facebook Wall

I’m haven’t finished reading the Liliana’s Mission article yet, but I’m already going frenzy with the sight of this artwork (by Steve Argyle):

Liliana of the Veil Full Art

And for some reason, the close up photo reminds me of Angelina Jolie. The lips, maybe.

As for the abilities, I don’t care that much. Read: Not a black player here. But I’ll be happy to have one or a set for vanity’s sake. Hello, PR!

Liliana of the Veil

Magic The Gathering Art Works and Hidden Stories

This is really interesting but it took me long to post this gallery because I’m not sure if they are interrelated art works. Upon confirmation of one of the Magic: The Gathering players, I am now confident to share this cool MTG images!

What’s the relationship among Akroma, Angel of Wrath, Akromas Memorial and Sword of Vengeance? As you can see, Akroma is carrying the Sword of Vengeance and Akroma’s Memorial is their statue. Other than that story line, I was not able to find any related write ups on the web. Maybe the images really speak for themselves!