NO to Grand Prix Singapore 2011


MTG Grand Prix Singapore 2011

June 4 - 5 @ Singapore Expo

First of all, I’m frustrated with the sudden turn of events and schedule conflicts . My boyfriend can’t leave his new job while I’m tied up with rescheduled activities.

We’re supposed to be flying to Singapore by now. It’s supposed to be a one-week vacation! Yeah, until June 7!

No to GrandPrix Singapore

No to GrandPrix Singapore!

Unfortunately, the “Blogging for a Cause” activity was moved to June 4, same with Blog4Reviews Convention. Both activities mean so much to me and I’ve already exerted much time, money and effort to cancel them out. The same holds true with our booked flight. My only consolation is that I haven’t got a return plane ticket yet. But I am not happy about it. If I could go and fly there before the GP starts, I will. I’ve been to Singapore before and I have friends there who can accommodate me. Singapore is a safe and nice place, too so I have nothing to worry if ever I’ll be there alone. But it just sucks to see the clear signs of “me staying here” instead of playing! You may say that I’m no PRO to be disappointed about this matter but I’m an MTG addict who’d love to play every event whenever I can. I’ve also set my expectations and now it’s driving me nuts. I just thought that this will be my 2nd time to join Grand Prix, GP Manila being the first. So much for preparing daarken‘s cards!

I was even hoping to play my tweaked Naya Toolbox deck after soliciting some advice from Valeriy Shunkov. The EVIL Lotus Cobra made a great difference put up an amazing show during playtests and I’m excited to make the most out of it during actual games…

My boyfriend is still working on the sideboard plan so I’ll just upload the deck list later.

Just found out that I’ll be missing two more events this June 4:
Grand Bazaar at Megatent – I’d like to join the bazaar to promote Human Nature organic skincare products.
DPP (Digital Photographer Philippines) On a High 5th Anniversary Party – I’d like to attend this event to learn more about photography especially that there will be a lot of notable speakers.


GP Manila 2010: Independence Day Special

I’m a fan of Neutral Grounds on Facebook so it is understandable if I keep on liking and sharing their status and albums (as if I am retweeting them). So yeah, I did wear a patriotic shirt during the event, not only because I wanted to, but also due to the fact that what I’ve got during the GP pre-registration is an oversized shirt. I expected it anyway, it’s either US size or men’s size… never for a female. Haha.

Even though SMX Convention Center opened in as early as 10AM, we were not able to be part of the first few registrants. We arrived there at 2PM and I did not expect the long queue of magic players! I was like, “Oh, really? So we have to wait for HOURS?!”

And yeah, we did! I lost track of time (even if at the back of my head, I am aware that we spent 3 hours… more or less) since my boyfriend and I became busy chatting with other players and every time I got tired of standing, I’d go walking around or seating in the nearby chairs. I was tempted to power on my laptop and do a pre-registration coverage. Haha. But no, I could save it for later, that’s what I thought.


GP Manila Pre-registration Day


It was super – queing!

Now, let’s move on to the Independence Day Special, also known as my very first Grand Prix! Yay! Congratulations to me. LOL.

I was overwhelmed with the number of MTG players who joined this GP Manila 2010 – whooping 1071!

Before I proceed with my own tournament report, let me say thanks to Neutral Grounds, Wizards of the Coast, SMX, and all players for making this event possible, and in my case, memorable.

Here we go:

Round 1:

Jund: 2 – 1

A match with a local player. First game was mine, second was his. Third game, boarded an extra Dauntless Escort, can’t stand the downpour of his removals.

Round 2:

Planeswalkers Control a.k.a Superfriends/Justice League: 1 – 1

This game is the most challenging not only because I was playing against a Singaporean but also because it was my first time to deal with the kind of deck he was using.
Game 1 took 40 mins. Why? He got Ajani Vengeant, Elspeth, Knight-Errant, Jace, The Mind Sculptor, and Gideon Jura in play while I had all sort of Allies plus TALUS PALADIN.
I kept gaining life and he kept redirecting damage to Gideon Jura and blocking my creatures with Elspeth’s token.

Second game was so smooth. Beated him in just few turns and I was able to zeroed his life just before the timer rings. We’re not able to play game 3. Will last 5 turns be applicable if we started the third game?

Important Lesson: Don’t be overwhelmed with planeswalkers in play. Attack the player instead as long as you know that the said PW will not give you problems as of the moment.

Funny Experience: He was asking, “Cards in hand”, but due to language barrier, I just said OK. HAHA. And then he demonstrated it, showed the number of cards in his hands so I did the same thing. Haha!

Round 3:

Planeswalkers Control a.k.a Superfriends/Justice League: 0 – 2

He got game one, and despite my sideboards on game two (3 Manabarbs, 2 Pithing Needle, 3 Dauntless Escort, 2 Oblivion Ring) he still won. Why? He was able to Negate my Manabarbs then casted Martial Coup for 8 on his next turn. Ouch. I was able to successfully play my next Manabarbs but it was too late. I was already enduring the pain from those weenies amped with the flying power of Elspeth.

Round 4:

Elfdrazi: 2 – 1

He won the first game with his OVERRUN. Second and third became mine with my MVP – Kabira Evangel. Hurray! His Fog did not last for long eh…

Round 5:

Valakut Control 2 – 0

I can’t feel any sense of accomplishment on this one for I was paired against a 12-year old. Please don’t take it negatively, but for some reason I feel like being a bully even if I am not and I did not. Haha. Ian has been playing since Ravnica so he must be a good player, too. He was polite and English-speaking. Cute, especially when he asked, “What’s your name?” but he was not able to write it on his scoresheet probably because he did not know how to spell it. Thanks to the official game slip, names and DCI numbers are automatically printed. 🙂
Oh no, I am not a cradle-snatcher. He just reminds me of my brother. He even extended his hands and congratulated me after our match just before the he leave the table and bring the result slip to the score keeper. Gosh, what did I do to him. I felt he was in a hurry to go away from me and that table. I asked him, “Would you like me to bring it there instead?” He just shook his head saying “No, it’s OK.” So I was really surprised when he returned and asked me for a playtest.
“Would you like  to play test while waiting?”, he asked.
“Sure!”, I answered with a bright smile on my face. Haha. It made me feel better. There’s nothing to be guilty about.

Important Lesson: All players are created equal. Show respect and be fair at all times.

Side Comment: My new acquaintance sat beside me and watched our play tests. He heard me when I whispered, “Gosh, I feel bad. I don’t know how to handle situation like this.” This is after winning against the kid. He assured me that’s alright. With this kind of remark, “It’s OK. If you feel guilty because you defeat a kid, how much more will a guy feel given the same situation against a girl. As much as we want to favor our opponent at times like this, it can’t be helped. It’s just a game and you must do everything you can to win. A guy would love to beat each of his opponent including girls, but if they lose, that’s the time to feel different. Hehe”.
Long remark? The important lesson above sums it up!

Round 6:

Planeswalkers Control a.k.a Superfriends/Justice League: 1 – 2

Yeah, I knew my fate. Each time he PTEd my Dauntless Escort, DOJ or Martial Coup’s next.

Round 7:

Jund: 1 – 2

I am not a sore loser. I am just aware that if I had been careful of my response and mindful of cards in play, I should have won this match. My misplay was when I miscalculated my life points during the phase of assigning blockers. Considering that he will pump Putrid Leech, I still thought I’d be down to 1 and can beat him on my turn. Yup, he had empty hands so I was safe from bolts. Thing is, he dealt exact damage to zeroed my life. I also overlooked Kor Firewalker’s ability to gain life each time we cast red spells. Keyword: MAY. And that makes a big difference. MAY. I might win, but not if I am careless. Haha.

Round 8: Drop

Round 9: Drop

I finished 3-3-1-Drop. My boyfriend had a good start, a standing of 4-1 but after 2 more losses he also dropped the game. In between rounds, he was able to let rk post signed our cards. I have 10 unsigned cards because I was not able to squeeze it in during the event. Imagine being paired to a control deck. Whew. Gave me no time for extra restroom breaks.


Whew, he’s so busy signing the cards…

But hey, I got a good shot of him! Haha. He noticed that I struggled a lot in looking for a perfect angle while he was busy signing. He candidly said, “Want me to pose for you?” and he did! Quick click and here’s the result:

rk post


Cool guy. Here’s another shot. I was wondering if he’s the one who designed his tattoo. My boyfriend voiced it out and I heard rk post’s answer. No. It is not his artwork. He just told the tattoo artist that he wants skull, this and that and that’s it!


My boyfriend and “rk post”

Whew, I know it’s a long read and it was overdue. Haha. By the way, I used NAYA ALLIES with modified sideboards. Since my boyfriend is working on my new sideboard plan, I will just post an updated deck list later instead of the one I used last Grand Prix.

Yay! I really enjoyed this event! For complete event coverage, check out the article about Grand Prix 2010 – Manila.