DTK Game Day Killing Spree

Because Thunderbreak Regent was at stake, I expected that Game Day was going to be tough with everybody aiming for a set (including me). LOL. So I tweaked my deck few hours before the tournament with a must-win mindset. As usual, I’ve got no sleep nor a decent meal coming from a graveyard shift. Hehe.

Here’s my new list (boyfriend didn’t approve some of my card choices especially the broken numbers but I prefer it this way and it has to be my way just because…)

I got my first Thunderbreak Regent from GMaster Games and I planned to get 3 more by attending late afternoon and next day  events. Original plan was:
Saturday: (1)GMaster Games and (2)XHC
Sunday: (3)GMaster Games and (4)Spiral Valenzuela

DTK Game Day Loots

DTK Game Day Loots

Matches Summary:
There was nothing remarkable about my matches except that my main Surge of Righteousness did a great job. Just as I thought, it won’t go to waste knowing that local meta is red and Abzan.

2-1 vs BW Warriors

2-0 vs Jeskai Aggro

0-2 vs Monored Aggro

ID vs Monored Aggro

Quarterfinals: LOSS
0-2 vs RG Dragons
This was my second time losing to RG Dragons. #Sweep
So if ever I’ll be changing decks, I might consider this one. Or maybe Atarka Red. 🙂

Lowering the curve was actually the best approach to deal with hyperaggressive decks. I didn’t feel the need for Wingmate Roc and Tasigur all throughout the games.

Did I manage to get a set of Thunderbreak Regent? NO. A lot of things were waiting at home and we couldn’t afford to stay late outside. Too many household chores, too many stressful things. Then we woke up late on Sunday giving us no chance to make it to the tournament. So much for my original plan. *sigh*

Overall, I was happy with my deck performance and DTK Game Day loots. Hoping to grind more in the next few days! Of course I have to make few more adjustments based on my tournament results, meta, and bf’s suggestions.

Mirrodin Besieged Game Day

Part II, I guess. My boyfriend and I joined the Mirrodin Besieged Game Day at Eton Cyberpod.

I had a good start 3-0… then consecutive losses.

Round 1: WIN
Monoblack Vampire 2 – 1

Game 1: Kalastria Highborn, Viscera Seer and Bloodghast online. GG.
Game 2: Just my luck! He played first. Turn 1, Swamp, Duress. I revealed my hand – all lands and creatures. My turn, draw Quest for the Holy Relic. Play Plains, Quest.
Played Fauna Shaman on my turn. Fetched Devout Lightcaster through it, exiling Gatekeeper of Malakir which was his only creature.
Game 3: Almost same as Game 2. Duressed with all lands and creatures, then draw Quest for the Holy Relic on my turn. 😀 Got Fauna Shaman in play while he had Kalastria Highborn. I search for Devout Lightcaster to exile it! Boom.

Pure luck, Duress was not able to catch my Quest for the Holy Relic, plus it always go online!

Round 2: WIN
RUG Control: 2 – 0

Thanks to my Refraction Trap!

Round 3: WIN
Caw-Go: 2 – 1

Landy through Argentum Armor. 🙂

Round 4: LOSS
RUG Control: 0 – 2

The same guy who has beaten this same deck last FNM at Eton. We both knew how each deck works. 2nd-time losing against him. FTW JTMS!

Round 5: LOSS
RUG Control: 0 – 2

This one seems to be faster! 2 Lotus Cobra in play, hey landfall! Explore-d twice in one turn. Here comes Inferno Titan. And say hello to Precursor Golem!

Round 6: LOSS
Monowhite Quest: 0 – 2

My wrong choice of mulligan. IDK. Quest for the Holy Relic went online in right away. LOL. I concede. Same sh!t happens in game 2 even if he was one-land play. I should have known it. My deck used to be built that way. Oh, wait. No. Big thanks to his Signal Pest and Accorder Palladin. Upgraded!

P.S. Two Quests went online in game 2, I was able to destroy the first Argentum Armor with Divine Offering but the 2nd one will surely hit me all the way. Concede.

Round 7: DRAW
Caw-Go: 1 -1

This match balanced everything out. I believed my opponent was “neosphinx” (forum name). I’ve been seeing him earlier for we’re seated on the same table range most of the time. During round 6, we were seated next to each other and he couldn’t help but notice my pinkness. LOL. He asked for my favorite color, thinking that it was obviously pink. But no, it’s green. Even if I’m using pink deck box, sleeves, nail polish, dice and wearing pink shirt that day, it has nothing to do with my favorite color. 😀

It’s simply because I find the color pink nice, but definitely not my favorite.

And come to think of it, we’re 3 players wearing pink and using pink sleeves in the same lane, seating next to each other. As if we have a dance number after this game. 😀

Okay, here’s the funny part.

It was me against neosphinx. We both started na 3-0, wearing pink shirt, using pink sleeves. End result: DRAW.3-3-1. Break-even! Such a long game during the last round… We both had a good laugh, along with other players who watched the match. Whew.

Deck List:

MBS Game Day at Ongkeco’s Hobby Shop

I think this is my very first Game Day ever…

Mirrodin Besieged Game Day

Mirrodin Besieged Game Day Freebies

Deck List:

Tournament Result:

Round 1: LOSS

Edrazi Ramp: 1 – 2

Same opponent from the last round of Thursday Night Magic @ Neutral Grounds G5

Game 1, I was God Hand, 3rd-turn Quest to Argentum and that’s it!

Game 2, Emrakul comes into play through Summoning Trap, I scooped my cards

Game 3, CLOSE FIGHT! I really love this part.

Mirran Crusader was my MVP, equipped with Sword of the Feast and Famine. Left him with 4 life total. Too bad, he casted Primeval Titan and search for Mystifying Maze and Eldrazi Temple. End of turn, played Sword of Body and Mind through Stoneforge Mystic. My turn, equipped Sword of the Body and Mind to Squadron Hawk. I have Signal Pest in play, he has Primeval Titan, 3 Overgrown Battlement, Ratchet Bomb with one counter, lots of open mana, too. I was wondering what’s on his hand. One swing and I know it will be over. Declaring attackers, he sacrificed Ratchet Bomb destroying Signal Pest. Ouch! Mystifying Mazed Mirran Crusader, taking 3 from Squadron Hawk. He milled 10 cards, 3 of which are Nature’s Claim. Yay! He jokingly said that he’s getting mad after seeing his graveyard. DOWN to ONE. And I know it was crucial. He even pleaded to his friends to stay for moral support. Lol. I wish my boyfriend was with me. Hehe. Anyway, I’m more or less aware that I’ll lose this time. He got one life total remaining. I have 15. But Emrakul can definitely turn the table. As expected, he searched for Emrakul using Eye of Ugin. Hard-casted it on his turn. Plus Wurmcoil Engine. Attacked Primeval Titan, taking 6, down to 9. Extra Turn? OMG. Annihilator 6?! He also destroyed my Stirring Wildwoods using Tectonic Edge. I’ve got 6 remaining permanents and I have to sacrifice them all. No blockers or anything. Good game! 🙂

Player’s Remorse: I should have equipped Sword of the Feast and Famine to Squadron Hawk as well. (Can’t recall now if I have enough mana to do so…) Mirran Crusader alone is 4 damage, Squadron Hawk with two swords will deal 5. Even if he destroyed Signal pest and exiled one of the attacking creatures, I could have zeroed his life total.

Round 2: WIN

BR Vamps: 2 – 0

Thanks to Mirran Crusader and Devout Lightcaster

They swing all the way!

Round 3: LOSS

Monowhite Quest: 0-2

He Revoke Existence-d my then Quest of the Holy Relic. Monowhite is more consistent in terms of mana/land drop and creature. Mine is more resilient though. Mid-game advantage.

Round 4: WIN

Opponent No Show/Default

Current Standing: 2-2

Round 5: LOSS

BW Control (Splash Black) 0 – 2

Game 1: Play First.

First Turn, Birds of Paradise.

Second Turn, Fauna Shaman.

Third Turn, Discard Vengevine, search for Vengevine.

On his turn, Memoricide, named Vengevine. Ouch!

It was pure luck, according to my opponent. Top card on his 3rd turn. It was the only black card on his deck. Especially designed against Primeval Titan and Vengevine. Ouch.

Same thing happened on Game 2. Memoricide-d Vengevine. Turned my Forest and Rasorverge Thicket into 2 Island. Thanks to Spreading Seas. My life total was 26, his was 21 when the judge called last five turns. By then I was able to get 2 more Forest, I have Thrun on my hand but I won’t make it. The farthest I can go is to draw the game. I doubt it, he has 2 Celestial Collonade and enough mana. I scooped my card and accepted defeat. Lol. My opponent said it’s still possible to win. Hmmm. I really doubt it. Haha. It’s over.

Final Standing, 2-3. 39th place. Prizes are for the top 36 only. 🙁

I didn’t even get a promo card since I was not one of the first 30 players to register.

Image source: magicmalaysia.net