Magic: The Gathering for Girls

Finally, I’m meeting more female MTG players! I’m friends with almost all the girl players here in MANILA but it’s also nice to make more friends online.

Thanks Nicola for the invites!
1. Magic: The Gathering Girls
2. MTG Girls Group

Lookie here:

for the ladies and girls and the fem-bots that play Magic The Gathering….somewhere we can trash talk the men without hurting their ego 🙂 For all things Magic related and unrelated…

Lol. Sounds fun to me. Kidding. I just love to stay connected with lots of MTG groups. Someday, girls will rule!
MTG Girls Group

SSC Scars of Mirrodin Draft

Another Friday night of MTG addiction!

MTG Draft Showdown!

MTG Draft Showdown!

I joined the SSC draft on the last minute. I was still waiting for FNM pairings for the last round when they called to inform me that they are about to start. I was torn between playing standard and draft, not to mention that my standing that night was 2-1 (using the updated Mono-white Quest) so I still have chance to bring home some packs come fourth round. But they insisted, so I obliged. Lol.

Here’s the decklist that got me nowhere:


Got only one pack for bye. Haha.

Recap of my RARES:
Hand of the Praetors
Argentum Armor
Ezuri, Renegade Leader
Ezuri’s Brigade

Leonin Arbiter was supposed to be mine because it’s the rare card on my first pack but I did not pick it first. Won’t do me any good. Hehe. 🙂

I enjoyed playing draft with SSC and I know everyone did judging from their laughter. HAHA. Sup and AP’s rematch was an epic! I’m so excited to see their victory shot! Our world suddenly stopped, errr, just revolved around those two during the last round.