PH Nationals 2018: DRAFT It Like a PRO!

Hey! It’s been a while since I last posted a tourney report so it really feels like being a stranger in my own home… Jk.
Here’s a quick summary of how my PH Nationals 2018 went:
Standard 3-4
Draft 6-0
Final Standing: 9-4, 58th out of 603 players

Standard Decklist:

I had last minute changes to prepare for the BG and Green Stompy decks so I took out 4 Bomat and added 2 Aethersphere Harvester and 2 Rekindling Phoenix in main board plus extra tweaking of my spells and SB.

1-2 vs Monored Wizards
So hopeless with back to back to back Viashino Pyromancer!

0-2 vs RB Aggro
It was going well during the first game until he gained advantage. I was also 1 mana short to seal the game with Ribbons and so I lost.
Game 2 was a bit frustrating because I got a very good opening hand but it turned out that he got better ones and great answers to mine:
T1 Soul-scar Mage – Magma Sprayed
T2 Scrapheap – Magma Sprayed
T3 Chainwhirler – Unlicensed Disintegration
T4 Chandra – Chandra’s Defeat

0-2 vs No Show
Thank you for the free win!

0-2 vs UW Approach
I somehow missed my Bomats here. But oh well, sacrifices have to be made. All I can say is that I did my best here; taking note of opponents hand/remaining cards after using my Duress and Doomfall yet I could only do so much.

2-0 vs UG Merfolk
I’ve used UG Merfolk before so all creatures and tricks are very familiar. Glorybringer also stayed true to its name hence the sweep. 🙂

DRAFTing time!
I’ve been waiting for this and it was as if B-O-R-O-S aggro was written all over my body. I really love this format because I can better evaluate cards on their own while I have them handy rather than constructing standard decks with lots of cards to choose from.
I couldn’t remember my first pick but it must be Electrify or Onakke Ogre just because I knew I must go for R-E-D-W-H-I-T-E. Then after picking 2 Lightning Strike and 1 Shock, Guttersnipe came my way. OMG!
So happy with my deck:

2-1 vs GW
Just a typical race and I made it first. Harhar! Thanks to extra Trumpet Blast in the sideboarded games.

2-0 vs Grixis Mill

2-0 vs UW Control
It was a challenging match and it was big thanks to SB Lightning Mare equipped with Sigiled Sword of Valeron for making it all the way to success.

Day 2 came and I was once again ready to draft Boros!

First pick: Valiant Knight

There were no good removals being passed around in the first 2 packs so I invested on creatures instead. It was a good idea to go for Knights, flyers and vanilla ogre. 🙂 I was quite happy with what I drafted but I still preferred my deck in the previous pod.  My creation didn’t fail me nonetheless so who am I to complain? I finished X-O in the draft format. Huehuehue! Big thanks to my teammates for sharing their ideas during our mock nationals tournament.

Trumpet Blast became my best friend so I added 2nd copy in Game 2 of every match. Must be my lucky spell.

2-0 vs BG
My opponent said I have a good deck. Yay! His 6/6 Demon couldn’t even handle my swarm. GG.

2-1 vs UW Control
I always see control decks tougher than any other decks so it was like going through hell while trying to play around their counter spells.
Make a Stand and Trumpet Blast came very handy when he got lots of big creatures. I was also very careful with my mana tapping to reserve some for Valiant Knight.

2-1 vs RG
Game 1 highlight: Act of Treasoned his Colossal Dreadmaw for critical hit.
Game 2:
T1 Rustwing Falcon
T2 Attack with Falcon. Play Goblin Motivator, Rustwing Falcon
T3 Play Onakke Ogre. Gave haste. Swing with Ogre and Falcons.
T4 Play Rustwing Falcon. Gave haste. All in, swing! Then Trumpet Blast!
This is my favorite explosive hand in the 2-day draft. 😛

We’re back to standard, folks!
2-0 vs UR Wizards
I have to commend myself maining Aethersphere Harvester. Helped me a lot to win both games. I was down to 4 and my opponent stopped attacking so I made my move just to gain life and be free from the red zone. I was able to gain 9 life in 3 of my attacks (2 energy from Aethersphere Harvester, 1 from Aether Hub)  then I played another Aethersphere Harvester.
Game 2 was pretty much the same setup. Life gain and flyers for the win.

Ranking before the final round: 34th. I was hoping for another win for a chance to be on the Top 16.

1-2 vs Monoblack Zombies
It was a tough match. I was helpless against go big go wide zombies and I want to have this kind of deck post-rotation. Haha!

Sorry, there’s nothing much to learn here. I just wanted to start blogging again and what better way to get motivated than bragging about my X-0 draft in my own blog. 😛



I just claimed my 6 prize packs and I’ve got Bolas!

Nicol Bolas M19

A Tale of Roasted Rhinos and Four Dragons

This is a story of how Van Mamokhan emerged as the GPT Shanghai Champion at GMaster Games. His monored deck trampled the Abzan Houses except for one to whom I had a draw with. The end.

Ok, on to my deck list:

Credit goes to Conrad Dungan for the mainboard and bf for the sideboard. Thanks guys!
It was my first time using this deck so going undefeated before the playoffs is a feat. Atleast for me.

GPT Shanghai at Gmaster Games

Round 1 ©GMaster Games

2-0 vs RG Devotion
Just when he had big creatures like Polukranos and Genesis Hydra, I always had the right removal to deal with them. No game highlights.

2-0 vs Abzan Midrange
My oppononent got a game loss penalty for registering incorrect number of cards or whatever the technical term for it. We proceeded to Game 2 and I won.

2-1 vs Monored Aggro
Opponent won Game 1 even at one-land play.
+3 Drown in Sorrow
+3 Surge of Righteousness
-2 Valorous Stance
-2 Abzan Charm
-2 Hero’s Downfall
I won the remaining 2 games and I was proud of myself for delaying his Obelisk of Urd by all means. Well, a Downfall for 1/1 creature was kinda pathetic but I just felt the need to kill them. True enough, when he had 4 lands and 2 remaining Goblins, Urd came. On his next turn, he used Harness by Force to contol my Anafenza, the Foremost so I got no blockers. I destroyed one of his Goblins with Surge of Righteousness and gained 2 life. Once I’ve got my Anafenza back, I attacked him and “raid” for Wingmate Roc. GG.

1-1 vs Abzan Midrange
His early Thoughtseize left me behind the game. I lost.
Game 2 was a bit exciting. Last 5 turns and he was down to 1, while I was down to 2. So whoever topdecks Rhino wins the game.
He cast End Hostilities to destroy my Rakshasha Deathdealer and Anafenza. I was forced to regenerate Rakshasa and took 1 damage from Llanowar Wastes.
I played another Rakshasa on my turn and he responded with Abzan Charm. Unfortunately, it was an illegal target.
He passed the turn. I attacked for the win.

Quarterfinals: WIN
2-0 vs Monored Aggro

Roast for Siege Rhino

©MTG Tambayan

Semifinals: LOSS
1-2 vs Monored Aggro
I was pretty used to red decks but then it was Van-Van, Laro 2014 Champion. We had numerous matches from before and I’m not even sure if we have a score to settle. Lol.
I won the first game and almost won the second if not for back to back Roast for my Rhinos. Insane topdeck.
Third game was so intense too. He burned every creature I played. He even killed my Sorin twice. A Roast for Tasigur. And Stormbreath Dragon started popping up one after another. He was down to 13 and I was trying to figure out how to kill him with my Siege Rhino, Wingmate Roc and 3/4 Bird Token. I wished I had 2 Abzan Charm so I could swing for the win. But no, I only had one which could only deal a maximum of 12 damage. When he cast his third Stormbreath Dragon, I was doomed. He then showed me the 4th one from his hand. WTF. GG.

A piece of advice from Van – I could have done better by abusing Delve and filtering my graveyard with Tasigur. Yes, I know. There were 2 Hero’s Downfall that I could use but I was so obsessed with Sorins that I didn’t want to delve them away. Of course I’ve considered all the possibilities but sometimes I was too greedy. Lesson learned. But wait, there was only 1 Stormbreath Dragon by that time so I wasn’t eyeing Downfall at all.

X-1-1 without a decent sleep and proper meal wasn’t bad at all not to mention that it was my first time piloting this new deck. More practice!

Time for Monoblack Aggro

I just realized that I didn’t blog about my WMCQ experience. I was probably dishearten. LOL. My performance in 3 WMCQs was just so-so and I used my UW Devo all throughout.

MTG - WMCQ II with friends

WMCQ II with friends – ©Boom Dizon

The most that I’m happy about was being able to contribute to the MTG community by working on WMCQ I and II metagame breakdown. (Shout out to Raven Knives: THANKS!)

Moving forward, it’s about time to brew a new deck! I was rooting for Temur since the completion of KTK spoilers but because finding the cards I need was a bit challenging not to mention that we didn’t play during Khans of Tarkir prerelease. I have to content myself with my so-called “meantime” deck. You can even call this precon with its funny numbers and card choices. Talk about being resourceful!

KTK cards are now legal! But I was not supposed to play earlier because I didn’t have any Bloodsoaked Champion yet. I just got lucky to find sellers at the venue just before the tournament started. Sideboard was a bit haywire because I didn’t have any more useful black pieces with me. Added 2 Whip for the heck of making it 15.

RD1: 2-0 vs BW Aggro
*feeling victorious*
Oh yes, I came prepared. Thank you Dark Betrayal, Bile Blight and Hero’s Downfall. Erebos, God of the Dead became a creature in game 2, and just when he thought he could block, I’ve got Herald of Torment and bestowed it for the kill.

RD2: 1-2 vs RW Mid
It was a fair match. My big mistake was keeping one land in Game 3. Actually, it should have worked if he didn’t draw another Propethic Flamespeaker. My plays went like this: 1st turn creat, 2nd – Thoughtseize picking Nyx Fleece Ram, 3rd – Despise picking Propethic Flamespeaker. His remaining cards: 2 lands, 1 Sarkhan, 1 Stormbreath while having 2 lands in play already. I knew it was going to take time before it gets beefy. But lo and behold, he topdecked Propethic Flamespeaker which gave him the total advantage. Just when I drew my 2nd land, I was way way behind the race. Lesson learned: MULL.

RD3: 1-1-1 vs Abzan Midrange
Game 1 was an easy win for me. In Game 2, my creatures drowned in sorrow. That was after I have Thoughseize-d his 1 Drown in Sorrow in hand. Lucky draw for him. Still, I shouldn’t have overcommitted. Game 3 was an extra long game because of his early blockers and life link – Sylvan Caryatid + Hopeful Eidolon, Agent of Fates + Eternal Thirst. Time’s up!

RD4: 2-0 vs Abzan Midrange
Opponent mulled to 5 and when I played Thoughtseize, he only had Elspeth, Sun’s Champion and 4 lands. Next Thoughtseize, I caught his just-drawn Sorin, Solemn Visitor. He then conceded after taking some damage from my attacking creatures. I was actually not sure what he had in his deck so I blind sideboarded with 4 Despise and 1 Hero’s Downfall. My spot removals dealt with his Courser, Rakshasa Deathdealer and Siege Rhino effectively. Perfect timing. And as for his 2 Sylvan Caryatid as blockers, it didn’t matter at all with my Mogi’s Marauder.

RD5: 2-1 vs UW Control
Opponent was able to take control of the game in as early as game 1 so I have to concede and make up for my loss in game 2. It took me a lot of patience and hard work to zeroed his life. Too much delays coming from Last Breath and Crippling Chill. In game 3, my deck ran smoothly that even if the opponent had End Hostilities, it won’t be enough to stop me from winning. LOL. I had enough threats in play while my hand is also fully loaded. My deck was quick enough to prevent him from playing his Resolute Angel. Too late.

Finishing 6th (out of 29 players) with this “meantime” deck wasn’t bad at all. 🙂

Hello UW Devotion!

And so I feel the need to splash another color… Hello UW Devo!

Because I don’t post tournament reports right away, I tend to forget my matches. The most that I can share today is my decklist after finishing first in last Sunday’s standard event. In fact, I was not even sure how many games it took us per match.

Record courtesy or (and I just included their decks):
RD1: Win (+3) Santos, Dansky (BUG Control)
RD2: Win (+3) Luces, Jonathan Justin (Monoblack Devotion)
RD3: Draw (+1) Unknown, Unknown (either Esper Control or Monoblack Devotion – because his name is “unknown”, I had a hard time recalling his deck)
RD4: Win (+3) Basilonia, Anthony Brian (Monoblack Devotion)
RD5: Win (+3) Lee, Jefferson (Jund Monsters)

Ok, I guess there’s nothing to do here. Might just go into details real soon.

P.S. Broken numbers (especially the creatures), I know!

Monoblue is Still Alive

Monoblue is not yet dead! My 3 consecutive top 8s in weekend tournaments proved it.

Feb 16, 2014: Magic Grand Prix Trial – Melbourne 2014
Players: 26
Place: 8th
Standing: 3-1-1
RD1: MonoRed 2-1
RD2: Monogreen 1-1
RD3: Monored Devotion 1-2
RD4: Esper Control 2-0
RD5: Monoblack Devotion 2-0

Feb 23, 2014: Standard Tournament
Players: 27
Place: 1st
Standing: 4-0-1
RD1: Monoblack Devo 2-1
RD2: UWR Control 1-1
RD3: Esper Control -1
RD4: RW Burn 2-1
RD5: Monored Devotion 2-1

March 1, 2014: Magic Game Day – Born of the Gods
Players: 39
Place: 6th
Standing: X-1-1
RD1: Monoblack Devo 2-0
RD2: Golgari Aggro 2-0
RD3: UW Control 1-1-1
RD4: RG Monsters 2-0
RD5: Golgari Aggro 2-1
RD6: Monoblack Devo (Splash White/Blue) 0-2

Top 8 Play offs:
Quarterfinals: RG Devo 1-2

Sorry, I’ve been too busy to post my weekly tournament results. @_@ I bet you could imagine how my matches went considering that Monoblue Devotion is a pretty popular deck. Rather, was???

It all started with ProTour Theros and then the trend goes on. Actually, I’ve never imagined myself playing a blue deck. Not my color. Really. But because I qualified for Laro 2013: Sparta Cup using Kibler’s RG, I had to grab a ready-made deck real quick for the event. I was punished for my last minute preparation. Finished 3-4 and the rest was history.

Moving forward, I learned how to use the deck and loved it ever since. Here’s my decklist for the 3 tournaments mentioned above. I used to pilot the original build in previous tourneys (October 2013 – early Feb 2014) with just few SB modifications.

Why cut 2 Judge’s Familiar for a Dispel and Ratchet Bomb?
Metacall. My choice. I was having a hard time dealing with Pack Rat, Mistcutter Hydra, Sphinx Revelation and a lot of instant spells. And… it worked!

UW Humans January 2012 Statistics

This post (supposed to be weekly tournament report) has been long overdue so I can no longer recount the highlights of my matches. Just wanna share some quick stats and deck transition. The very first version of my Humans deck can be found here.

For January, I’ve used UW Humans five times in the following events:
1/04/12 Wednesday Standard @ Ongkeco’s Hobby Shop: 2-2
1/07/12 GPT Kuala Lumpur @ Eton Cyberpod: 5-2
1/08/12 Sunday Standard @ SM North: 2-4
1/14/12 GPT Kuala Lumpur @ Eton Cyberpod: 5-2
1/21/12 GPT Kuala Lumpur @ Eton Cyberpod: 4-3

Weekly Changes (Progressive) and Results:
1/07/12 GPT Kuala Lumpur @ Eton Cyberpod: 5-2

-1 Gideons Lawkeeper
-1 Sword of War and Peace
+1 Day of Judgement
+1 Mikaeus, the Lunarch

-1 Dismember
-1 Angelic Destiny
+1 Sword of War and Peace
+1 Day of Judgement

UW Illusions 2 – 1
RDW 2 – 0
Kessig Ramp 0 – 2
UW Illusions 2 – 0
RDW 2 – 1
UW Humans 0 – 2
UW Illusions 2 – 1

1/08/12 Sunday Standard @ SM North: 2-4

+1 Gideon Jura
-1 Grand Abolisher

UW Humans 2 – 1
RDW 2 – 0
MBI 0 – 2
RDW 1 – 2
Wolves 1 – 2
UW Delver 0 – 2

1/14/12 GPT Kuala Lumpur @ Eton Cyberpod: 5-2

+4 Champion of the Parish
+1 Angelic Destiny
-3 Mana Leak
-1 Sword of War and Peace
-1 Mikaeus, the Lunarch

-1 Geist of Saint Traft
-1 Gideon Jura
+2 Mana Leak

UB Control 2 – 0
RDW 0 – 2
UB Control 2 – 0
UW Delver 0 – 2
RDW 2 – 0
Kessig Ramp 2 – 1
GW Tokens 2 – 0

1/21/12 GPT Kuala Lumpur @ Eton Cyberpod: 4-3

-1 Champion of the Parish
-1 Leonin Relic-Warder
+1 Grand Abolisher
+1 Divine Offering

-1 Grand Abolisher
+1 Nihil Spellbomb

Kessig Ramp 2 – 0
Solar Flare 2 – 1
UW Humans 0 – 2
Tempered Steel 1 – 2
Puresteel 2 – 0
Jund Kessig 2 – 0
UB Control 1 – 2

And this is my current deck pre-Dark Ascension:
-1 Nihil Spellbomb
+1 Revoke Existence

Deck List:

PS: Here’s my tally sheet…

UW Humans January 2012 Performance

1. Most of my losses are against more aggro decks while most wins come from control matches.
2. My wins from RDW are mostly sideboarded games.
3. Most UW Illusions deck have evolved into UW Delver.

MTG 2012 Warm Up

For my first tournament this year, I finished 2-2. *sigh*

@ Ongkeco’s Hobby Shop / 2012-01-04

9 PW points for a start. 🙂

Deck List:

Round 1: LOSS
vs RDW: 1 – 2

God Hand mode on game 1 with this tempo: Doom Traveler, Honor of the Pure, Geist of Saint Traft, Angelic Destiny!
I lost on Game 2 because of Stromkirk Noble.
Same scene on game 3… errr, 3 Stromkirk to be exact. My SOWAP came late to rescue me. 🙁

Round 2: WIN
vs Illusions: 2 – 1

Lost on game 1 from 5 spirit tokens and Vapor Snag.
Game 2 and 3 was mine. Thanks to this article… I’ve used Gitaxian Probe to my advantage.

Round 3: WIN
vs GW Tokens: 2 – 1

Game 1 win, Geist of Saint Traft + Sword of War and Peace for the win!
Game 2, 4 spirit tokens from Midnight with enchantment killed me.
Game 3, just my luck! Play first but mull to 4: Seachrome Coast, Moorland, Island, Honor of the Pure
Me: Seachrome, pass.
Op: Plains, pass.
Me: Island, Honor of the Pure
Op: Pass, Discard
Yeah right, he’s stuck with one Plains and it’s obvious he was waiting for one Forest or any green mana to cast his mana-producing creatures. Probably multiple Avacyn’s Pilgrim or Birds of Paradise on his hand.
I finally drew one creature on my turn – Geist of Saint Traft
Me: Moorland, GST.
Op: Pass, Discard.
Me: Attacked, opponent took 8 damage.
Op: Concede.

Round 4: LOSS
vs Tempered Steel: 0 – 2

Game 1: On the draw, mull to 5. So yeah, those artifacts kept on coming and I conceded quickly.
Game 2: I still couldn’t make up with my opponent’s tempo even with my Timely Reinforcements. And even if I’ve Negated one of his Tempered Steel, another one came in. Not my day.

Whew! I’m getting revved up! Gotta play more!

Leonin Arbiter for the Win!

Finally, I had my very first MTG tournament after Innistrad’s official release! Yeah, no PR, no FNM, no weekend tourneys or anything.

Since my Angelic Bant didn’t do well against Kessig Ramp, we converted it into UW Humans. And with 8-3 standing during playtests, I can say that it’s a bit more consistent and super aggro. So I’m back to the old days… playing white creature-based deck. I had the same old powerful feeling while I was playing Kithkins. Hehe.

But the deck I have right now requires more discipline. I’m not used to Blue and kinda uncomfortable with Mana Leak. I wish they were all creatures. But hey, I have to protect my board, right? So that’s it, Mana Leak saved me from Day of Judgement countless times.

My boyfriend build this deck for me, inspired by GP Hiroshima top decks. I finished with 2-1-1 standing last night.

MTG Solar Flare

Round 1: WIN
vs Solar Flare: 2 – 1

It was my first time to have an actual play against Solar Flare. The most that I know about this deck is that it has answer to almost everything. Though I’ve seen some deck lists online, I’m not good with mental notes so I won’t really understand how it works until I get to play against it. And gaaaahhhh… I had so many misplays! Big thanks to Pat Bausa for the after games coaching. Great tips!

I’m so happy with my one-drop creatures. They’re so consistent. As for lands, I am not sure if I got the right number. I keep screwing during those 3 games. Just got lucky!

Round 2: WIN
vs Kessig Wolf Ramp: 2 – 0

Oh wow, the deck I’ve been playtesting with! Remember my bf’s Kessig Green Proxy?

My ultimate misplay during the game is missing one +1/+1 counter for Champion of the Parish when Hero of Bladehold enters the battlefield. Tsk. Thank goodness, I had another Hero of Bladehold on my turn, Champion of the Parish got 4 counter, equipped with Angelic Destiny, attacked with Hero of Bladehold and several other creatures. He got lots of people on board too, but no one’s flying! Finally, I hit him with 10 damage. Just the right number to zero out his life. Whew. His Wurmcoil Engine with Sword of Feast and Famine almost got me.

Then it was Leonin Arbiter for the win in game 2! He played first, land drop. I played one Plains and Champion of the Parish. His turn, played Forest then Rampant Growth. Uh-oh. That would be the last time he’ll search his library, I swear. My turn came, I played Leonin Arbiter and I see the disappointed look in his face. Lol. That gave him headache. No to Solemn Simulacrum after his 4th land. He just played Birds of Paradise. By then he’s down to 13, I have 2 Champion of the Parish, 1 Leonin Arbiter and 1 Honor of the Pure. When I attacked, he’s confused whether to block one of them with his Birds of Paradise. He did not, and took 8 lethal damage. Down to 5. Hmmm. I wonder if he’ll be able to cast Wurmcoil or Primeval on his turn. Or at the worst, Blasphemous Act to sweep my board. True enough, he got the answer. And even if I have open mana, I have no Mana Leak to counter his 5cc Blasphemous Act. On my turn, I topdecked Geist of Saint Traft! Lucky! He then played Thrun, the Last Troll on his turn. And just before I attack, I was hoping he has no Beast from Within for my Angel token. I attacked, he tapped 3 lands then stretched his arms for a handshake. Waaahhh. What a bluff! I won!

Round 3: DRAW
vs Solar Flare: 1 – 1 – 1

Gideon Jura stalled me big time, thrice! So we ended with a draw…

Round 4: LOSS
vs Solar Flare: 0 – 2

Paired against, Richard Badlon. I remember him beating my Kithkin deck once. He was using Faeries by then. And now, here’s a rematch against a national player. Lol.

Game 1 was uber long because my creatures rarely survive from his removal. And just when the spirit tokens from my Moorland Haunt were having fun, his Ghost Quarter spoiled it. He was down to 3 and he’s able to gain 6 more life from Timely Reinforcements. That was the end of me. Snapcaster Mage + Mimic Vat for the win!

In game 2, I’ve witnessed Liliana of The Veil’s true power. My opponent was really good in playing around Liliana’s loyalty counter. I was color screw since there was not even one blue-producing mana and I ended up discarding GST until I have no more cards in my hand. 🙁 We finished the game just in time, and I lost to him again…

I still got one prize pack for finishing the 10th. Not bad. But I’m not that happy with Inferno Titan as my mythic rare.

I had a great time being back to the grinding arena. I want to be more active in playing MTG again! It was really fun!

Angelic Bant Got Beaten by Wolf Run Proxy

I’m not sure if I’ve made it obvious. But this all about a 10-game playtest of my Angelic Bant deck agains bf’s Kessig Proxy deck. Haha. For the first time in our lives, we used proxy cards. His current deck is UB control but because I wanted to know how my deck will fare against Kessig, he built that deck even though we didn’t have the complete cards. So he used Inferno Titan for Primeval Titan (hence, the Primeval Proxy) and Garruk Wildspeaker for Garruk, Primal Hunter (thus, Garruk, Primal Proxy).

Final standing: 6 – 4 in favor of Kessig Wolf Run Green

So it was really hard for me to accept the fact that I lost against a proxy deck. Lol. But hey, I love how the playtest went since I was able to closely observe how the Kessig Wolf Run Green deck works.

First 3 consecutive games was mine, followed by his five consecutive wins. I won the next game then he got the last. 6 – 4.

FB status: playtesting… and I just lost to a deck with Garruk, Primal Proxy and Primeval Proxy. >.<

Here’s what I figured out:
1. It’s always Primeval Titan for the win. The 6/6 trample is just a bonus. It doesn’t matter if he gets killed. He has done his job the moment he fetched Kessig Wolf Run and Inkmoth Nexus.
2. Garruk, Primal Hunter’s second ability can outdraw you and it’s so annoying because there’s nothing you can do about it. Cast and draw is like a hit and run road accident. You can foresee the damage.
3. Dungrove Elder is not a threat yet unless it has trample. 🙂
4. Oblivion Ring is not the best solution for Primeval Titan. Viridian Corrupter and Acidic Slime can give him extra Kessig Wolf Run and Inkmoth Nexus.
5. Sometimes, Acidic Slime can’t cope up with Kessig’s fast mana acceleration. By the time you cast Acidic Slime, you’re already dying and there’ll be an overwhelming number of creatures. That’s big thanks to Green Sun’s Zenith.

Stupid tutor! Cute Bunny Crying

Indeed, Kessig Wolf Run Green is the new Valakut I used to hate. Sad Bunny

Red Deck Wins, Literally!

My first time to use a red deck (monored deck = RDW) was such an awesome experience! I never thought I can learn the deck in one night and synchronize with it the next morning! Thanks to my boyfriend for the encouragement, deck list and playtests. At first I was confused playing sorceries and instants because I’m used to playing almost nothing but creatures! Yup, been and still an aggro player here.

I wasn’t really comfortable playing red, and with so much excitement and uneasiness at the same time I forgot to document my matches. Or even take down mental notes at the least. Jitters! The most that I can remember is as follow:

Round 1: WIN
vs Exarch Twin: 2 – 0

What an early rematch for me and my boyfriend. Last time we played M12 PR, we were paired against each other. Grrrr. *wink*

Round 2: LOSS
vs RDW: 1 – 2

Shrine of Burning Rage WARS. He got Manic Vandal, I just got Shatter. He had Devastating Summons, too. And his deck can transform to K-Red.

Round 3: WIN
vs UB Control: 2 – 1

Goblin Grenade FTW! You know how fast RDW works, and I’ve got a good opening hand on two games.

Round 4: WIN
vs Puresteel Metalcraft: 2 – 0

Big thanks to Arc Trail, none of his weenies survived. Thanks to Flame Slash that killed his Batterskull’s Germ, Kiln Fiend + Lightning bolt for ruining his Spellskite + Sword of Body and Mind setup, Spikeshot Elder + Teetering Peeks + 3 Mountains for deadly damage, and to Shrine of the Burning Rage and Staggershock for being my finishers. Game 2 was really in favor of me. He got only one Plains in play, the other 4 lands are colorless. Too bad, he wasn’t able to cast his two Kor Firewalker. I came prepared with Dismember anyway. 🙂

Round 5: WIN
vs UB Control: 2 – 0

Honestly, I’m used to these decks. Even when I was using monowhite Quest, GW Quest, Naya Aggro; I’ve faced a handful of UB players. Sometimes I won, sometimes I loss. Thing is, I really know how their decks work and it’s a goddamn bonus!

I managed to win game 1 to think that my 2nd-4th Mountains became Islands. Grrrr Spreading Seas in 3 consecutive turns! Shrine of Burning Rage dealt 5 damage to my opponent before it got bounced by Into the Roil. Game 2, my Goblin Guides partied with Kiln Fiend and another Goblin Grenade to finish the game.

Finished 4 – 1. Was it the deck, or was it me? Was it the meta at SM North Sky Garden? All I know is that I enjoyed playing this RDW deck and I might play it again in FNMs. Somehow, I felt that playing red still tapped the aggro side of me. My goal is the same with creature-based decks, defeat the opponent in less than 5 turns!

Whew! Finally, another MTG session that revived my senses!