MTG Clean Up: What To Do With Empty Booster Packs?

After a successful and tiresome general cleaning last weekend, the room looks neat and tidy now! Yippee. Playing magic would be more relaxing! No more unsorted cards, damaged sleeves, floating tokens, crumpled score sheet, upside-down deckboxes and scattered booster packs. Oh, no. This is not a geeky MTG room. 🙂

I was about to throw away a plastic bag of empty booster packs when an idea hits me! I want to recycle them! So now, I have them back with me. I’ve shredded few packs and still thinking of a good design to get started with. By now, you might have and idea of what I’m up to.

Empty MTG Booster Packs

Empty MTG Booster Packs

Let’s think of it as the grand draw… time for the grand prize winner! Ewww. Shuffling empty packs! I can’t imagine that it will pile up like this. I’m a random booster-tripper and so as my boyfriend. We buy PACKS from every MTG shop we visit and it’s so addictive. Hop, hop, and hop! 🙂

Draw lots:

First: ROE

First: ROE

Second Draw: M11

Second: M11

Third Draw: New Phyrexia

Third: NPH

Looking forward to rewarding M12 packs. Gotta pre-order booster boxes now!

Fat Pack… Booster Packs and More…

More expenses, that is!


It was as if Valentine’s is not yet over and we are showering each other with MTG gifts. He gave me a bouquet of roses, so sweet of him. We also had a post-Valentine dinner date at S.R. Thai Cuisine. And now were spending more on magic cards!

FatPack Valentine

MBS Fat Pack - Gift for Valentine

MBS Fat Pack

Could there be Tezzeret?

Tummy’s full. Pocket’s empty. 🙂

We also bought 11 booster packs aside from this Mirrodin Besieged Fat Pack.
And there was no Tezzeret! Still, opening booster packs is fun and exciting.

Good cards:

Too many rare cards to mention. Hehe. Can’t keep track of them all since we always buy lots of booster packs from time to time. Better update our binders first!

Pre-Valentine Treat: Splurging on Magic!

Saturday MTG shopping! Whew! It’s the perfect day to shop for cards since there’s an ongoing Standard tournament at Eton Cyberpod. First MBS legal tourney. I wish I joined! Got no new deck though…

We just contented ourselves looking for our needed cards. Here’s a list of what we’ve purchased:

List of Bought MTG Cards

Splurging on cards, how about our date?!

There were only 8 booster packs remaining in the MBS box @ Eagle’s Nest Cafe. As expected, we buy them all!

And the notable rares from those packs:
Inkmoth Nexus
Blightsteel Colossus

Can’t remember the rest.

Aside from those cards, we also treat ourselves to a relaxing full body massage and luxurious foot spa.

Love this day!