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With Zendikar block and M11 rotating out, I’ll surely miss lots of cards. Fauna Shaman and Vengevine are just few of the best pieces I’ve had in my GW deck. It was really funny how my monowhite quest evolved into GW quest and eventually ended up being Naya aggro. And while my GW quest was at its peak, Stoneforge Mystic got banned. Well, I’ll miss that Kor Artificer forever.

Right now, I’m thinking of what deck to play this coming weekend. Oh, that would be Innistrad Release Party which means there will be sealed tournament… saved me from a lot of thinking. Anyway, my boyfriend will be brewing new decks for me, that’s for sure. With Hex-Blade and Pod decks in mind, he’ll definitely come up with a good deck list.

So I’m leaving all the deck-building duties to him while I blog and earn extra cash for MTG expenses. 🙂 (I’m just a pilot, anyway.)

As part of my online routine, I always check my email and Facebook. While some Facebook updates are really annoying, game requests and gifts still make my day. I give up being a farmer there. My sister is the one managing my Farmville while I’m busy with Backyard Monsters and SIMs Social. Some games are counter-productive yet I can’t help playing them when my blogging tasks seem overwhelming. Fun games relax me. While MTG is a good outlet, some playtests become stressful more than a game should be. Talk about misplays, silly remarks from my guy and more.

So, what are the games that keep me sane when rush projects come in? Most of the time, the kissing games. Kidding. I’d rather do it for real than rely on my SIM. Seriously, there are lots of online girl games that inspire me in several ways. As if Zuma DeLuxe and Tumble Bugs aren’t enough to distract me, I still allot few clicks for puzzle games such as Element Quest, Diamond Puzzle and Vegetables Maching. I mean, they are all fun and perfect for setting up my mood for blogging. Happy thoughts and excited feeling. Sometimes, I also try new stuff from online gaming sites. RPG games are always cool yet there are times that I’m too lazy to complete the quests. Simple e-games are enough to kick me off… I can’t see myself as a hardcore gamer when I’d rather blog while the guys get addicted with MMORPG. Maybe not yet…

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