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peach and things
Memoirs of a Chinadoll
My Gorgeous Pink Cheeks
One Day at a Time
A Teacher’s Online Portfolio
Recaptured Moments
Recaptured Moments
On e-Business, Finance and Travels
My Red Hot Reviews
Engineer Dad
fickleinpink, the dark side
The Movie Mommy
Friendship and Smiles
The Business Minded Mom
I Heart Them All
Life’s Digital Moments
Life’s Memoirs Online
The Domain Angel
Blessings and Beyond
Pinay Mommies Community
Mommies for a Cause
I Heart The Mall
Online Chikadora
scrambled scribbles
Shy’s Mixed Thoughts
Little Sleepy Bird
Girly Pals
Healthy Fab Life!
Pink Spree
Crushed Pink
Hesitant Blogger
Make Money Online
Life Mix
Simply Terrific
Tips Here and There
Ties That Bind
Twice a Mommy
That’s Life
Fortunate Cooky
Blog and Me
Purple and Hue
WAHMy Sammy
The Twitterer
Kharen’s Corner
The Journal of the Princess Wanna-Be
A Mom’s Free Will
In This Side of Town
Some Things Are Free
Woman’s elan vital
Anything Davao
i am woman, hear me rawr!
Tell Me More, Yapatoots
The Accidental Teacher
Tell Me More, Yapatoots
Chronicles of a Small Town Girl
busy reading…
the food, the place and the bad trips!
Health and Weight Loss- The Healthy Way
Sulong Pinay
A Life in Government
My Tots Exactly!
My Tummy Calls
My Game of Chance


Bloguardian Hellsite: Overcashed
Couple’s Trip!
Daily Love Dose
Eldraliz: From Good To Great
Favorite Views (by Liz)
Fortunate Liz
Impulsive Buyer
Liz Speaks!
M3O: Make More Money Online
Momentary Life
MTGirl: She Loves Magic The Gathering
Pinkville: Pink and Magic Convergence Zone
Raven Knives
Spread the W.O.R.D!
Techie Liz
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Pinkville: Pink and Magic Convergence Zone
Make Things Great in Life
Video Games – Event Lover’s Hideout
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