Magic The Gathering Yummy Treats!

Each time I visit the  WoTC’s MTG site, I simply check the Building on a Budget and Top Decks column. Just those two. But earlier, while searching for interesting reads, I stumbled upon From The Lab and really love the latest post – HoliDaze!

Wish I have a collection of Happy Holidays promotional cards! 🙁
[card]Fruitcake Elemental[/card]
[card]Gifts Given[/card]
[card]Evil Presents[/card]
[card]Season’s Beatings[/card]
[card]Snow Mercy[/card]

[card]Fruit Cake Elemental[/card] is cute and yummy. Looks like gummy bears to me. Haha. But [card]Gifts Given[/card] is my favorite. Hot and sexy! A real turn on! 🙂

Gifts Given Magic Card

Thank you for the gift!

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