Magic: The Gathering And Tower Defense Games

The prerelease for the latest set of Magic: The Gathering, Innistrad, was held yesterday and there were many participants who joined the event. Though today is the second day of the prerelease, majority of players prefer to play on the first day. Magic: The Gathering has been very successful for the past years and countless blocks have been released featuring both remarkable and memorable cards.

It is amazing to think that man’s creativity has no limits and that he has continuously developed various forms of entertainment to ease his eternal boredom. Many years back, mankind was already content in watching travelling performers, watching strong men compete with each other in colossal coliseums in Rome or just gambling their pennies away. However, man is cursed with not being contented. He continued to create things to amuse himself and as technology further advanced, he was able to develop games which do not require a person from going outdoors. Gaming watches were developed.

At first, it kept man’s boredom in check but as the years pass by, he needed more to distract him. He eventually invented the internet not only as a means of communication but rather, as his latest plaything. And in a matter of months, a variety of games like Farmville, Backyard Monsters and many more to name. Today, if someone wants to stave off his boredom, he just has to play games online. In fact, it is actually surprising to see that not only guys play games online these days but girls as well. Not only that, some of them play action games, too.

Magic Defense - Tower Defense Games

Magic Defense

Some notable games available online would be fun games like Castlevania, Super Mario Brothers, Magic Defense and many more. Tower Defense Games are also popular because they are very challenging and require perfect strategy for the player to win. Games have truly evolved and continue to improve. Who knows, the time will come where you can directly participate in the games that you are playing everyday. After the birth of PS3, XBOX and WII, there are still more to expect with the advancement in technology!

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