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RiseoftheEldralizThis marked my most awaited return to MTG community. I had a good Pre Release experience last Sunday and it feels so good to be back. Seriously, after being on a hiatus for more than six months I felt I was a newbie during the tournament. But before I continue babbling about Magic: The Gathering, let me first explain why I am here.

Here.  I mean WordPress. I just purchased an Earth Day Blog Hosting Package and this is a part of my experiment. Kinda. In some way, yes. Remember my eight blogs on blogspot? They will be migrated here soon! Sssshhhh. It’s pretty obvious that I’m itching to blog to the point of posting senseless thoughts. Haha. Sorry.

Kidding aside, switching to WordPress is a good move and one of the best decisions I have made as a blogger. I will just share the details next time. I have to relive my “magic” moments!

rise of the eldrazi‘Rise of the Eldraliz’ was crafted from Rise of the Eldrazi’s official logo. Thanks to Kira, my co-Puppeters.  Aside from the refreshing feeling of being able to play again, I am also delighted because I finished 3-1! Though I am aiming for a T-shirt, this standing is not bad for a returning amateur player. That shirt is oversized anyway! Haha. Sourgraping. Gosh, pun-intended. As much as I wanted to be a little formal here, I can’t help fooling around.

Okay, wanna know my MVP? Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief and Eldrazi Conscription! I was able to construct a decent deck and I will post the deck list after installing the MTG plug-ins. I have so much more to share so stay tuned!


  1. hi Liz! congrats sa new blog.. ilink ko na ito ha?..

    and congrats sa pre-release.. I also had a drana, kalastria bloodchief. it was really a bomb in the limited format as it is a flyer and a creature removal in one package. I remember playing it in turn 3 in the fourth round of the tournament, the opponent simply has no answer for it.. hehe 3-1 din ako hehehe

    • ElizNorn says:

      Hehe. Install ako ng MTG plug-ins para maupload ko decklist ko ng mas maayos. Para maiba naman sa Pinkville. Btw, the new look and feel of your blog is so refreshing. I love it! Add din kita dito! Thanks for the usual support!

  2. Congrats Sis! Thank you for your support for stay at home moms like me! 😀

  3. Great journey and experience!

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  5. congratz on your new blog release. More success to you. Btw i’ve put your website link in my blog, if you dont’t mind please do the same with mine. tks.

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