MTG Loot Bag (and UW Control Deck Experience)

We went home with a big plastic bag full of MTG loots after the Gold Rush Trials tournament. Literally huge pack of magic stuff. Haha. My boyfriend’s friend requested us to buy 4 deck boxes for him and since we also bought four for us, they became bulky altogether. No big deal, they’re not heavy!

Pink hearty deck boxes are from Saizen while the pink sleeves are from Neutral Grounds. We are ready to dress up our decks! The latest ones are Elves and GW tokens!

MTG Loots_Deckbox and Sleeves

MTG stuff shopped...

Ultra Pro Pink Sleeves_Neutral Grounds

Pink sleeves for deck consistency...

We’ve been using pink sleeves lately so we decided to use pink sleeves from now on. All of our decks are sharing the same color of sleeves. Hehe. But they have their own sleeves and deck boxes as well as tokens and sideboards. 🙂

By the way, my UW control deck did not work out well for me so after playing for three rounds, I just dropped.

Goblin Beatdown 1 – 2

My bad. Too many misplays. I’ve controlled the board on game 3 only to let a Lightning Bolt resolve even if I have Flashfreeze and Negate on my hand. I was down to 3 and that’s what killed me. Haha. I pick up all of my cards from the table after realizing what I just did. *shrug* Good job for Kor Firewalker, though!

UBG Control 0 – 1
What do you expect from a control deck vs. control deck? Pretty boring. Such a lonnnnngggg game! I had a good start by delaying him through land destruction viaTectonic Edge. Sun Titan made it more favorable on my side when Tectonic Edge kept returning from my graveyard. Then there came Doom Blade and that was the end of it. Same story against the Lightning Bolt. I forgot that I’m a control player and holding blue cards. My Negate and Mana Leak became useless because of my stupidity. But hey, it was tough and I like that match very much.

Valakut Ramp 1 – 2
It was fun! Third game was highly dependent on our TOP DECK. Whew. His 3 Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle almost went online, thanks to his Primeval Titan enchanted by my Volition Reins, I was able to search for Tectonic Edge and destroy 2 of his Valakuts. I had all the advantage until Gaeas Revenge entered the battlefield! That was the end of me.

It was my FIRST TIME, and I learned a lot from this experience. Nice try! 🙂

I might use this deck again after tweaking it. Just bought the much needed 2 Frost Titan and 1 Gideon Jura so it should make a difference.

PINK: The Magical Color of GP Manila 2010

Tomorrow will be the most awaited GP Manila 2010 and my magical stuff are ready! Here we go!

pink dice

Still loving the magical pink!

colorful dice

Counters... as colorful as my life!

traditional dice

The usual MTG counters...

My boyfriend and I will go to SMX later for an early registration.