1000 Moods of Magic

This is a summary of the week that was…. work, magic and everything in between.

Women's Mood

Feeling entertained

I’ve found a good read online and I can totally relate to the author – Things My Male Tech Colleagues Have Actually Said to Me, Annotated
We’re the same in a sense that I’ve been working in a male environment since OJT days up to this point since technology is my expertise. But unlike her, I don’t make sacrifices for Llorothaag.

Feeling fooled

Much of being trolled to think that it was past April 1. I clicked on hot girl’s thumbnail on Facebook not knowing that it was linked to the many funny faces of Nicolas Cage. #Sucker

Feeling excited

I encouraged my friend Ed to join Team Well Played‘s Hoodie & Shirts Giveaway and so he did. Here’s our entry!

Jeskai Ascendancy Funny Version


My boyfriend’s grandma passed away and it was a very sad news to the family. While she was really old, no one’s prepared for it. There is no such thing as timely death.


I was sick since Thursday and a bit worried about my weekend. It might mean I have to stay at home. #Boring

Feeling content

I was ranting about how unlucky my summons were but a guild member assured me it was fine.
M1: You know the secret to happiness?
Me: Contentment?
M1: Lower expectations. LOL
Well, I’ve been playing Summoners War for 1 and half months and some people think I’m lucky to have these monsters:

Summoners War

Feeling accomplished

Finally got a Dark Death Knight. #B1Forever

Summoners War Dark Death Knight

Feeling a little better

… because I’ve got my daily dose of magic on a Black Saturday.

PPTQ Milwaukee at GMaster Games

My throne… ©GMaster Games

Don’t expect a detailed report. I was kinda sick and too sleepy to remember (coming from my graveyard shift as usual). I used the same deck from last week with slight changes as follows:
– 1 Bile Blight
+ 1 Ultimate Price
(I’ve got no Dromoka’s Command yet for Valorous Stance’s slot.)

-2 Back to Nature
-1 Surge or Righteousness
+2 Master of the Unseen
+1 Ultimate Price

PPTQ Milwaukee
2-0 vs UB Control

2-1 vs Abzan Aggro

0-2 vs RG Dragons

2-0 vs Abzan Midrange

ID with 4-color combo

Quarterfinals: Conceded to my good friend Roy.

Notable cards from my prize packs: Atarka’s Command, Deathmist Raptor.

Feeling hyper

Cheers to Sunday gaming! It’s nice to see my friends again. LOL. And I went crazy upon seeing the altered Ajani’s Pridemate with four seasons of Hello Kitty!

Four Seasons of Hello Kitty - Altered Ajani's Pridemate

Four Seasons of Hello Kitty

Feeling stupid @ XHC’s GPT Kyoto

1-2 vs Monored Aggro
I let my Wingmate Roc died to Roast. I must’ve been very hungry by then thinking about nothing but roasted chicken. How could I let it happen? Actually, we’ve been in a complicated sitch since it involved my boyfriend who was a spectator of the match. I took all the responsibility of that illegal play and still won Game 2. GG on Game 3. I didn’t stand a chance with Eidolon of the Great Revel after missing my 3rd land drop. It was too late for Drown in Sorrow.

Feeling more stupid

1-1 vs BW Warriors
I wasn’t able to shake off the feeling of being too stupid…. so let’s welcome another mistake. Since my Fleecemane Lion has been swinging freely for 2 consecutive turns, I assumed he didn’t have any Bile Blight. Prolly not yet. And I overcommitted with my second Fleecemane Lion. Both met a blighted ending on his turn.

Feeling demoralized

1-2 vs UB Control
This is the worst misplay I’ve ever done. Most stupid that I couldn’t forgive myself. Using Elspeth, Sun’s Champion’s second ability to destroy Silumgar, the Drifting Death while I had a 4/4Elemental creature from Nissa, Worldwaker? WTF ran through my head?! Maybe, all of my brain cells died with so much frustrations earlier. My sanity has forsaken me. And I decided I’m going to drop.

Feeling guilty

For the first time, I didn’t walk the talk. Last week, this was my comment on xalmendarez’ blog post:

MTG Blog Comment

As much as I wanted to continue playing, I was too certain that I won’t do any better. I promised myself to make it up with lots of playtest the following week. I was too scared to look into my boyfriend’s eyes because I knew, he was going to say a lot of nasty things. I talked to my friend instead, “Pong, what’s the plan?” He got 2 losses already and wanted to drop as well. I told him I wasn’t ready to listen to a nagging boyfriend for I might break down any moment…

Feeling rewarded

I was thankful Raven has been considerate and didn’t say a thing. Whew. We just sat down and started opening packs. I bought something for my deck (Please disregard foil Lose Calm and the other side of Morph token):

Dromoka's Command

Feeling positive

We headed to SM Megamall from XHC for our usual Sunday late magic with cosplayer friends. There I got my much needed summer lovin’ and care from my girl friends. I also got a choco mango crepe from them after dinner! #SweetTreat

Feeling creative

Our craziness kicked in! Meet Wasabi guy.

Wasabo Guy Easter Egg Hunt

Green eggs ahead… ©Mayoko

I made his balls and cover them with parsley because it was Easter Sunday and I wanted them to join the “egg hunt”. Tinn almost died laughing. LOL

Feeling blessed

We parted ways at around 10PM. Raven and I had our second dinner at local tapsihan and we found a stray kitten on our way home. He brought it with us and I named it Django.

Thank you for reading. 🙂


As suggested by Pong, I’ll be changing my pink sleeves with RTFC soon. Read the F-ing cards because reading is tech!

Speculation, Luck and Success

One of the most interesting and difficult aspects of playing Magic: The Gathering is speculating. What is speculating anyway? Basically it is the act of getting cards in the present for a lower price with the intention of eventually selling them for a higher price. In addition, speculating is not limited to simply buying a card but also in trading cards. And do not get the wrong idea that you are just simply trading or buying randomly but as much as possible, you are doing so on the basis that you will eventually get value out of the trade.

Jace, The Mind Sculptor

Thou shall know my worth!

Speculation has more to do with earning a profit through price changes in the Magic market in general. It is some sort of a gamble wherein you purchase cards in the presumption that they will eventually increase in value in the future. Speculating about MTG card value is really challenging. It does not mean that when you purchase a lot of cards of a particular type is that you will automatically benefit from them but rather, a card’s price depends on how high the demand for that particular card is and how much supply is left.

In a way, it is like a hit or miss. However, with experience and exposure in the tournament environment, you will be able to improve your metagame analysis, which can help you figure out which cards have the potential to be utilized in decks. In turn, you will come to the point of knowing if a card’s price has the potential to increase in the near-future or if the card’s price will dip instead. Overall, it takes a lot of time, effort and experience for a person to be able to improve his speculating skills.

Gaming Zone Reborn!

Title exaggerated! Lol. Ok, all I mean is that Gaming Zone’s theme has been updated. My boyfriend helped me tweak its layout because we both realized that it’s about time to get serious. *wink* Google just rolled a page rank update and Gaming Zone (www.bestgamingvideos.com) gained PR1 from PR0. MTGirl remains PR2. My boyfriend’s blog (www.ravenknives.info) is also PR1 now so he’s busy blogging, too! More writing tasks for him aside from Gaming Zone’s content.

Here’s a preview of changes:

Gaming Zone V1

Gaming Zone V2

He requested to make Guilty Gear’s images a bit bigger since it’s one of his favorites. Lol. Can’t blame him. I also want to offer some fan service with Dizzy’s hot pose but can’t find the perfect photo yet. Gaming Zone might undergo more changes so I hope you can support us all the way!

Because we’re busy and the client’s payment didn’t make it on time, I’m passing on today’s sealed tournament. Cute Crying GIF

MTG Geeks vs Nerds vs Dorks

Avacyn Restored PR is just around the corner so it means I better check the spoiler and get ready! I haven’t played for a while now. The last time was during the DKA PR. Pathetic! Lol.

But this MTG hiatus will be over soon. Hehe. Well, I hope so!

MTG Geeks vs Nerds vs Dorks

MTG Geeks vs Nerds vs Dorks

Magic: The Gathering. More Fun in the Philippines

“More fun in the Philippines” photos are going viral so let’s join the “Philipp-FUN” memes! More about this tourism campaign here – It’s more fun in the Philippines.

Neutral Grounds Philippines also shows active participation by running a related contest on their Facebook fan page:

Just to ride on the current trending meme. We’d like to challenge our photoshop talented fans to show us through a picture why “Magic, It’s more fun in the Philippines!”

Winner gets a free Dark Ascension pre release pass. Upload the pictures here on our FB page and tag yourself and five other gamers you know. We’ll determine the winner by January 21, 2012.

So here’s my entry:

Magic: The Gathering. More Fun in the Philippines

MTG draft with Sesame Street Conspirators. Lol.

Just Missed Another MTG Tournament

No To Month-Ender MTG Tournament
Some drinks put us off to deep slumber… and we woke up late for the month-ender tournament! It’s a once-a-month big tourney with great prizes and lots of participants. Tsk. It could’ve been my chance. If not to win, then at least to playtest my deck!

Image originally appears @ No To Month-Ender MTG Tournament

Vivid Meadow: Photoblog Inspiration

Gone are the days of vivid lands. Vivid Meadow is my favorite among them simply because I’m a white player. Now, I’ve just got the time to finally use the artwork in my blog header. Take a look at Vivid Meadow:

MTG Blog - Vivid Meadow

The new theme is making me more inspired. 🙂

Gotta start shooting photos now!

Innistrad’s League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

I love trivias! And the one from last night made me sleepless. I wonder… Are these people the casts of “The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen“?

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen in the cards of Innistrad

Magic Trivia Game #3: Show me the 6 members of The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen in the cards of Innistrad!

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Movie

I’m just guessing… (with the help of my boyfriend…)

Alan Quatermain – Elite Inquisitor
Mina Murray – Olivia Voldaren
Invisible Man – Invisible Stalker
Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde and – Civilized Scholar/Homicidal Brute
Dorian Gray – Elder of Laurels
Captain Nemo – Grizzled Outcast

I want to know the answer! Lol. 🙂

Cyber Wars – Internet is the New Battlefield

MTG has a very broad and long storyline and one of the most interesting parts is the war between Mirran and Phyrexian. As the Phyrexian assault on the metallic plane of Mirrodin intensifies, Mirran partisan bravely resists to overcome and survive. Despite all force and magic, the dark side wins giving birth to a new world – New Phyrexia.

Rally the Forces - Mirrodin Besieged

"Drive them back! Make their underworld into their grave!" —Koth of the Hammer

In war, only one party can win. The same thing holds true in online war games. And being a player, you’d like to beat your opponent. With lots of war games to play, you’ll more likely to end up victorious.

War games usually revolve around different types of military actions, both fiction and non-fiction. With the popularity of DoTA and Warcraft, more and more MMORPG games are being released online. The concept of building an army and destroying opponent’s base is so appealing because it requires strategy and skills to infiltrate or take over the base.

There are different types of war games in the form of historical types, theoretical, fantasy or sci-fi. Historical war games are based on the recordings of the past. Characters are topography are sometimes based on the facts from the actual battle that took place long ago. It can’t be denied that World War II has somehow inspired few online war games.

Theoretical types are the hypothetical war games wherein a war is usually anticipated. It’s like building an empire, managing the community and protecting it from outsiders. And when an attack started, you have to deal with the ongoing war.

Fantasy war games are inspired by imagination. It may involve mythological creatures, warriors, brutes, unholy objects and more.

Sci-fi war games on the other hand are based on stron scientific concepts and theories. It involves evolution of human race and technology, usually robots. Because of some alteration in the game development, science fiction war games are believed to be a tone down version of fantasy types.

Just like any other flash games, war games are enjoyable to play. To name some, we have Starcraft, Battalion Ghosts, Epic Defender and Nob Wars. Playing free war games online can give you a great mental work out, too!

Payday Loans to Evade Aggravation of Financial Condition

Nowadays you don’t need to try hard to detect low fee payday loans. Not all credits are created identical, but payday loans with low fee allow you to receive the money you require at lightning velocity and with small interest rate, when an insignificant problem occurs suddenly. The very servicing is aimed at people that need only a few hundreds to manage their issues and that are ready to pay back in a short period of time.

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In some situations the fees you pay to settle the trouble exceed the sum you pay for payday loan proposals, and there’re evident reasons for this. Let us fancy that you forgot to repay utilities bills and now need to cover restitution charges. Bet you’ll have a higher renewal charge as collated with payday loan fee. And what charge will you have for overdue credit card bill? Having got late payment bill will bring you into panic as the sum considerably exceeds payday loan charge. Besides, it would be more judicious to cover car repairs with the assistance of payday loan, as hiring the other vehicle will be quite costly.

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*Finance Guest Post