I Won a Gatecrash PR Shirt!

PR Shirt WinnersYay! Now I’ll have a Gatecrash PR shirt even if I didn’t finish 4-0 in the latest prerelease. So excited to claim my prize! LOL. I played during the Gatecrash PR but was not able to blog about it. Can’t remember the details. All I know is that I chose the Boros guild. 🙂

Thanks to Neutral Grounds for  starting a poll in FB and drawing random winners!

How were you introduced to Magic the Gathering? Please answer the poll and add story specifics on the comments. 10 random stories will get chosen to win GateCrash prerelease T-shirts. 🙂

My answer: Taught by a friend boyfriend!

2008… It all started with a question:
BF: Are you willing to spend P500 for a card?
Liz: Yes.

And on my first trip to NG Galleria I bought a booster pack. I didn’t know how to play MTG by then. All I was told was that I got a very cool card on my first booster pack – Bitterblossom! My boyfriend introduced me to magic and the first deck I played against him was his UB Mannequinn deck. Basically, a shared deck. Then I had a UB Rogue deck with a set of Bitterblossom. (Deck list: http://www.lizmagikera.info/2009/09/reminiscing-my-first-deck-ub-rogue.html)

On my first FNM, I used a Kithkin deck though. Soooo many misplays but it was fun.

Cards are pricey now. LOL. Still trying to play…