Huntmaster of the Fells from Dark Ascension Prerelease

I guess that’s the only highlight of my Dark Ascension PR... 🙁

Huntmaster of the Fells / Ravager of the Fells

I also got Mikaeus, the Unhallowed from the same pack where I got Huntmaster of the Fells. Pretty lucky with double mythic but that was the end of it.

As for my doubts and sentiments, you can view it here – My Dark Ascension Prerelease Experience

And I just feel like posting the new rares in our card pool (mine + bf’s):

Huntmaster of the FellsMikaeus, the UnhallowedWoodland CemeteryFalkenrath AristocratAlpha Brawl
Mentor of the MeekFlayer of the HateboundHeretics PunishmentIncreasing AmbitionIncreasing Savagery
Lost in the WoodsKessig CagebreakersLaboratory ManiacSkirsdag High PriestHavengul Runebinder

Since MTG Helper plugin is not yet updated with Dark Ascension cards as of this writing, here’s the list:

Huntmaster of the Fells
Mikaeus, the Unhallowed
Woodland Cemetery
Falkenrath Aristocrat
Alpha Brawl
Mentor of the Meek
Flayer of the Hatebound
Heretic’s Punishment
Increasing Ambition
Increasing Savagery
Lost in the Woods
Kessig Cagebreakers
Laboratory Maniac
Skirsdag High Priest
Havengul, Runebinder

I’m looking for Akroma, Angel of Wrath for my EDH deck!

UW Humans January 2012 Statistics

This post (supposed to be weekly tournament report) has been long overdue so I can no longer recount the highlights of my matches. Just wanna share some quick stats and deck transition. The very first version of my Humans deck can be found here.

For January, I’ve used UW Humans five times in the following events:
1/04/12 Wednesday Standard @ Ongkeco’s Hobby Shop: 2-2
1/07/12 GPT Kuala Lumpur @ Eton Cyberpod: 5-2
1/08/12 Sunday Standard @ SM North: 2-4
1/14/12 GPT Kuala Lumpur @ Eton Cyberpod: 5-2
1/21/12 GPT Kuala Lumpur @ Eton Cyberpod: 4-3

Weekly Changes (Progressive) and Results:
1/07/12 GPT Kuala Lumpur @ Eton Cyberpod: 5-2

-1 Gideons Lawkeeper
-1 Sword of War and Peace
+1 Day of Judgement
+1 Mikaeus, the Lunarch

-1 Dismember
-1 Angelic Destiny
+1 Sword of War and Peace
+1 Day of Judgement

UW Illusions 2 – 1
RDW 2 – 0
Kessig Ramp 0 – 2
UW Illusions 2 – 0
RDW 2 – 1
UW Humans 0 – 2
UW Illusions 2 – 1

1/08/12 Sunday Standard @ SM North: 2-4

+1 Gideon Jura
-1 Grand Abolisher

UW Humans 2 – 1
RDW 2 – 0
MBI 0 – 2
RDW 1 – 2
Wolves 1 – 2
UW Delver 0 – 2

1/14/12 GPT Kuala Lumpur @ Eton Cyberpod: 5-2

+4 Champion of the Parish
+1 Angelic Destiny
-3 Mana Leak
-1 Sword of War and Peace
-1 Mikaeus, the Lunarch

-1 Geist of Saint Traft
-1 Gideon Jura
+2 Mana Leak

UB Control 2 – 0
RDW 0 – 2
UB Control 2 – 0
UW Delver 0 – 2
RDW 2 – 0
Kessig Ramp 2 – 1
GW Tokens 2 – 0

1/21/12 GPT Kuala Lumpur @ Eton Cyberpod: 4-3

-1 Champion of the Parish
-1 Leonin Relic-Warder
+1 Grand Abolisher
+1 Divine Offering

-1 Grand Abolisher
+1 Nihil Spellbomb

Kessig Ramp 2 – 0
Solar Flare 2 – 1
UW Humans 0 – 2
Tempered Steel 1 – 2
Puresteel 2 – 0
Jund Kessig 2 – 0
UB Control 1 – 2

And this is my current deck pre-Dark Ascension:
-1 Nihil Spellbomb
+1 Revoke Existence

Deck List:

PS: Here’s my tally sheet…

UW Humans January 2012 Performance

1. Most of my losses are against more aggro decks while most wins come from control matches.
2. My wins from RDW are mostly sideboarded games.
3. Most UW Illusions deck have evolved into UW Delver.

Magic: The Gathering. More Fun in the Philippines

“More fun in the Philippines” photos are going viral so let’s join the “Philipp-FUN” memes! More about this tourism campaign here – It’s more fun in the Philippines.

Neutral Grounds Philippines also shows active participation by running a related contest on their Facebook fan page:

Just to ride on the current trending meme. We’d like to challenge our photoshop talented fans to show us through a picture why “Magic, It’s more fun in the Philippines!”

Winner gets a free Dark Ascension pre release pass. Upload the pictures here on our FB page and tag yourself and five other gamers you know. We’ll determine the winner by January 21, 2012.

So here’s my entry:

Magic: The Gathering. More Fun in the Philippines

MTG draft with Sesame Street Conspirators. Lol.

MTG 2012 Warm Up

For my first tournament this year, I finished 2-2. *sigh*

@ Ongkeco’s Hobby Shop / 2012-01-04

9 PW points for a start. 🙂

Deck List:

Round 1: LOSS
vs RDW: 1 – 2

God Hand mode on game 1 with this tempo: Doom Traveler, Honor of the Pure, Geist of Saint Traft, Angelic Destiny!
I lost on Game 2 because of Stromkirk Noble.
Same scene on game 3… errr, 3 Stromkirk to be exact. My SOWAP came late to rescue me. 🙁

Round 2: WIN
vs Illusions: 2 – 1

Lost on game 1 from 5 spirit tokens and Vapor Snag.
Game 2 and 3 was mine. Thanks to this article… I’ve used Gitaxian Probe to my advantage.

Round 3: WIN
vs GW Tokens: 2 – 1

Game 1 win, Geist of Saint Traft + Sword of War and Peace for the win!
Game 2, 4 spirit tokens from Midnight with enchantment killed me.
Game 3, just my luck! Play first but mull to 4: Seachrome Coast, Moorland, Island, Honor of the Pure
Me: Seachrome, pass.
Op: Plains, pass.
Me: Island, Honor of the Pure
Op: Pass, Discard
Yeah right, he’s stuck with one Plains and it’s obvious he was waiting for one Forest or any green mana to cast his mana-producing creatures. Probably multiple Avacyn’s Pilgrim or Birds of Paradise on his hand.
I finally drew one creature on my turn – Geist of Saint Traft
Me: Moorland, GST.
Op: Pass, Discard.
Me: Attacked, opponent took 8 damage.
Op: Concede.

Round 4: LOSS
vs Tempered Steel: 0 – 2

Game 1: On the draw, mull to 5. So yeah, those artifacts kept on coming and I conceded quickly.
Game 2: I still couldn’t make up with my opponent’s tempo even with my Timely Reinforcements. And even if I’ve Negated one of his Tempered Steel, another one came in. Not my day.

Whew! I’m getting revved up! Gotta play more!