Leonin Arbiter for the Win!

Finally, I had my very first MTG tournament after Innistrad’s official release! Yeah, no PR, no FNM, no weekend tourneys or anything.

Since my Angelic Bant didn’t do well against Kessig Ramp, we converted it into UW Humans. And with 8-3 standing during playtests, I can say that it’s a bit more consistent and super aggro. So I’m back to the old days… playing white creature-based deck. I had the same old powerful feeling while I was playing Kithkins. Hehe.

But the deck I have right now requires more discipline. I’m not used to Blue and kinda uncomfortable with Mana Leak. I wish they were all creatures. But hey, I have to protect my board, right? So that’s it, Mana Leak saved me from Day of Judgement countless times.

My boyfriend build this deck for me, inspired by GP Hiroshima top decks. I finished with 2-1-1 standing last night.

MTG Solar Flare

Round 1: WIN
vs Solar Flare: 2 – 1

It was my first time to have an actual play against Solar Flare. The most that I know about this deck is that it has answer to almost everything. Though I’ve seen some deck lists online, I’m not good with mental notes so I won’t really understand how it works until I get to play against it. And gaaaahhhh… I had so many misplays! Big thanks to Pat Bausa for the after games coaching. Great tips!

I’m so happy with my one-drop creatures. They’re so consistent. As for lands, I am not sure if I got the right number. I keep screwing during those 3 games. Just got lucky!

Round 2: WIN
vs Kessig Wolf Ramp: 2 – 0

Oh wow, the deck I’ve been playtesting with! Remember my bf’s Kessig Green Proxy?

My ultimate misplay during the game is missing one +1/+1 counter for Champion of the Parish when Hero of Bladehold enters the battlefield. Tsk. Thank goodness, I had another Hero of Bladehold on my turn, Champion of the Parish got 4 counter, equipped with Angelic Destiny, attacked with Hero of Bladehold and several other creatures. He got lots of people on board too, but no one’s flying! Finally, I hit him with 10 damage. Just the right number to zero out his life. Whew. His Wurmcoil Engine with Sword of Feast and Famine almost got me.

Then it was Leonin Arbiter for the win in game 2! He played first, land drop. I played one Plains and Champion of the Parish. His turn, played Forest then Rampant Growth. Uh-oh. That would be the last time he’ll search his library, I swear. My turn came, I played Leonin Arbiter and I see the disappointed look in his face. Lol. That gave him headache. No to Solemn Simulacrum after his 4th land. He just played Birds of Paradise. By then he’s down to 13, I have 2 Champion of the Parish, 1 Leonin Arbiter and 1 Honor of the Pure. When I attacked, he’s confused whether to block one of them with his Birds of Paradise. He did not, and took 8 lethal damage. Down to 5. Hmmm. I wonder if he’ll be able to cast Wurmcoil or Primeval on his turn. Or at the worst, Blasphemous Act to sweep my board. True enough, he got the answer. And even if I have open mana, I have no Mana Leak to counter his 5cc Blasphemous Act. On my turn, I topdecked Geist of Saint Traft! Lucky! He then played Thrun, the Last Troll on his turn. And just before I attack, I was hoping he has no Beast from Within for my Angel token. I attacked, he tapped 3 lands then stretched his arms for a handshake. Waaahhh. What a bluff! I won!

Round 3: DRAW
vs Solar Flare: 1 – 1 – 1

Gideon Jura stalled me big time, thrice! So we ended with a draw…

Round 4: LOSS
vs Solar Flare: 0 – 2

Paired against, Richard Badlon. I remember him beating my Kithkin deck once. He was using Faeries by then. And now, here’s a rematch against a national player. Lol.

Game 1 was uber long because my creatures rarely survive from his removal. And just when the spirit tokens from my Moorland Haunt were having fun, his Ghost Quarter spoiled it. He was down to 3 and he’s able to gain 6 more life from Timely Reinforcements. That was the end of me. Snapcaster Mage + Mimic Vat for the win!

In game 2, I’ve witnessed Liliana of The Veil’s true power. My opponent was really good in playing around Liliana’s loyalty counter. I was color screw since there was not even one blue-producing mana and I ended up discarding GST until I have no more cards in my hand. 🙁 We finished the game just in time, and I lost to him again…

I still got one prize pack for finishing the 10th. Not bad. But I’m not that happy with Inferno Titan as my mythic rare.

I had a great time being back to the grinding arena. I want to be more active in playing MTG again! It was really fun!

Angelic Bant Got Beaten by Wolf Run Proxy

I’m not sure if I’ve made it obvious. But this all about a 10-game playtest of my Angelic Bant deck agains bf’s Kessig Proxy deck. Haha. For the first time in our lives, we used proxy cards. His current deck is UB control but because I wanted to know how my deck will fare against Kessig, he built that deck even though we didn’t have the complete cards. So he used Inferno Titan for Primeval Titan (hence, the Primeval Proxy) and Garruk Wildspeaker for Garruk, Primal Hunter (thus, Garruk, Primal Proxy).

Final standing: 6 – 4 in favor of Kessig Wolf Run Green

So it was really hard for me to accept the fact that I lost against a proxy deck. Lol. But hey, I love how the playtest went since I was able to closely observe how the Kessig Wolf Run Green deck works.

First 3 consecutive games was mine, followed by his five consecutive wins. I won the next game then he got the last. 6 – 4.

FB status: playtesting… and I just lost to a deck with Garruk, Primal Proxy and Primeval Proxy. >.<

Here’s what I figured out:
1. It’s always Primeval Titan for the win. The 6/6 trample is just a bonus. It doesn’t matter if he gets killed. He has done his job the moment he fetched Kessig Wolf Run and Inkmoth Nexus.
2. Garruk, Primal Hunter’s second ability can outdraw you and it’s so annoying because there’s nothing you can do about it. Cast and draw is like a hit and run road accident. You can foresee the damage.
3. Dungrove Elder is not a threat yet unless it has trample. 🙂
4. Oblivion Ring is not the best solution for Primeval Titan. Viridian Corrupter and Acidic Slime can give him extra Kessig Wolf Run and Inkmoth Nexus.
5. Sometimes, Acidic Slime can’t cope up with Kessig’s fast mana acceleration. By the time you cast Acidic Slime, you’re already dying and there’ll be an overwhelming number of creatures. That’s big thanks to Green Sun’s Zenith.

Stupid tutor! Cute Bunny Crying

Indeed, Kessig Wolf Run Green is the new Valakut I used to hate. Sad Bunny