Just Missed Another MTG Tournament

No To Month-Ender MTG Tournament
Some drinks put us off to deep slumber… and we woke up late for the month-ender tournament! It’s a once-a-month big tourney with great prizes and lots of participants. Tsk. It could’ve been my chance. If not to win, then at least to playtest my deck!

Image originally appears @ No To Month-Ender MTG Tournament

Vivid Meadow: Photoblog Inspiration

Gone are the days of vivid lands. Vivid Meadow is my favorite among them simply because I’m a white player. Now, I’ve just got the time to finally use the artwork in my blog header. Take a look at Vivid Meadow:

MTG Blog - Vivid Meadow

The new theme is making me more inspired. 🙂

Gotta start shooting photos now!

Innistrad’s League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

I love trivias! And the one from last night made me sleepless. I wonder… Are these people the casts of “The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen“?

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen in the cards of Innistrad

Magic Trivia Game #3: Show me the 6 members of The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen in the cards of Innistrad!

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Movie

I’m just guessing… (with the help of my boyfriend…)

Alan Quatermain – Elite Inquisitor
Mina Murray – Olivia Voldaren
Invisible Man – Invisible Stalker
Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde and – Civilized Scholar/Homicidal Brute
Dorian Gray – Elder of Laurels
Captain Nemo – Grizzled Outcast

I want to know the answer! Lol. 🙂

Cyber Wars – Internet is the New Battlefield

MTG has a very broad and long storyline and one of the most interesting parts is the war between Mirran and Phyrexian. As the Phyrexian assault on the metallic plane of Mirrodin intensifies, Mirran partisan bravely resists to overcome and survive. Despite all force and magic, the dark side wins giving birth to a new world – New Phyrexia.

Rally the Forces - Mirrodin Besieged

"Drive them back! Make their underworld into their grave!" —Koth of the Hammer

In war, only one party can win. The same thing holds true in online war games. And being a player, you’d like to beat your opponent. With lots of war games to play, you’ll more likely to end up victorious.

War games usually revolve around different types of military actions, both fiction and non-fiction. With the popularity of DoTA and Warcraft, more and more MMORPG games are being released online. The concept of building an army and destroying opponent’s base is so appealing because it requires strategy and skills to infiltrate or take over the base.

There are different types of war games in the form of historical types, theoretical, fantasy or sci-fi. Historical war games are based on the recordings of the past. Characters are topography are sometimes based on the facts from the actual battle that took place long ago. It can’t be denied that World War II has somehow inspired few online war games.

Theoretical types are the hypothetical war games wherein a war is usually anticipated. It’s like building an empire, managing the community and protecting it from outsiders. And when an attack started, you have to deal with the ongoing war.

Fantasy war games are inspired by imagination. It may involve mythological creatures, warriors, brutes, unholy objects and more.

Sci-fi war games on the other hand are based on stron scientific concepts and theories. It involves evolution of human race and technology, usually robots. Because of some alteration in the game development, science fiction war games are believed to be a tone down version of fantasy types.

Just like any other flash games, war games are enjoyable to play. To name some, we have Starcraft, Battalion Ghosts, Epic Defender and Nob Wars. Playing free war games online can give you a great mental work out, too!

Magic: The Gathering for Girls

Finally, I’m meeting more female MTG players! I’m friends with almost all the girl players here in MANILA but it’s also nice to make more friends online.

Thanks Nicola for the invites!
1. Magic: The Gathering Girls
2. MTG Girls Group

Lookie here:

for the ladies and girls and the fem-bots that play Magic The Gathering….somewhere we can trash talk the men without hurting their ego 🙂 For all things Magic related and unrelated…

Lol. Sounds fun to me. Kidding. I just love to stay connected with lots of MTG groups. Someday, girls will rule!
MTG Girls Group

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MTG Diet is Over!

I’ve never been in a food or sex diet but MTG diet, yes. Lol. It’s finally over. Here’s our completed to-buy list:

MTG: Magic The Gathering Funds and Cards

The Result of Quest for the Magic Funds! (Roughly $228 total card value)

Eversince Innistrad‘s prerelease, we haven’t joined any sealed or standard tournament yet. We stayed away from draft events, too. That’s because we’re allotting our cash for MTG pieces rather than tourney registration fees. We didn’t preorder booster box and haven’t opened even a single booster pack since then.

Now that we’ve almost collected all of our needed cards, it’s about time to satisfy our cravings and give in to temptation. Haha. We bought Innistrad fat pack with these so-so rares:
Ludevic’s Test Subject/ Ludevic’s Abomination
Charmbreaker Devils
Angel of Flight Alabaster
Mayor of Avabruck/Howlpack Alpha
Champion of the Parish
Stromkirk Noble
Stony Silence
Woodland Cemetery
Heartless Summoning
Elite Inquisitor
Parallel Lives

Oh well… seems that it would be better if we just hold back from buying packs. Not that lucky! We’re hoping to get Liliana of the Veil or Geist of Saint Traft at the very least. 🙂 Gotta work on my expectations, too. Hehe.

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Quest for the MTG Cash…

Have you ever felt the urge of spending more than your alloted budget? Have you ever prioritized your hobby over your basic needs? Well, call it addiction. Such thing exists especially with the so-called expensive hobbies such as PlaMo collection, D&D (and other tabletop games), TCG and more. Other expensive recreational activities include scuba diving, backpacking and photography. But for now, let’s focus on Magic: The Gathering – one of the trading card games I’m addicted with!

With the release of new expansion (Innistrad) there comes more expenses. To build new decks, we have to buy new cards because Zendikar block and M11 have already rotated out. It could be simpler if we can order a customized deck online with all the Innistrad pieces but it will also entail a lot of cash. Talk about taxes and shipping fees. Plus, some ongoing issues with the Bureau of Customs.

Anyway, after a week of fund-raising, my boyfriend and I had collected $205 for our card needs. Even without payday loans we’re able to build our decks. That’s big thanks to my online jobs. ^_^

Payday loan. Speaking of which, this seems to be pretty popular these days even in UK, US and other parts or the world. I think it’s all because of unresolved economic recession. People tend to rely on online quick cash solution when facing financial crisis. Who won’t go for payday loan if it can be granted on the very next day right after requesting for it? Pretty convenient especially if you really need to pay the bills or buy some special stuff. Purchasing MTG cards is not an exemption.

Sometimes, grabbing quick cash fixes is really tempting. If not for my blogs, I might have gone for payday loan to buy Snapcaster Mage and two sets of Hinterland Harbor. I’ll share the whole story about this “card quest” on my next post.

Quest for the Magic Funds