When the Gargoyle Falls

Another Humpty Dumpty story! 🙂

Manor Gargoyle - Stony Silence

Manor Gargoyle - Stony Silence

Cute Innistrad rares (with their related artworks, abilities and flavor texts)… But of course they’re not my top picks. ^_^

Puzzle, Adventure and Mind Games

With Zendikar block and M11 rotating out, I’ll surely miss lots of cards. Fauna Shaman and Vengevine are just few of the best pieces I’ve had in my GW deck. It was really funny how my monowhite quest evolved into GW quest and eventually ended up being Naya aggro. And while my GW quest was at its peak, Stoneforge Mystic got banned. Well, I’ll miss that Kor Artificer forever.

Right now, I’m thinking of what deck to play this coming weekend. Oh, that would be Innistrad Release Party which means there will be sealed tournament… saved me from a lot of thinking. Anyway, my boyfriend will be brewing new decks for me, that’s for sure. With Hex-Blade and Pod decks in mind, he’ll definitely come up with a good deck list.

So I’m leaving all the deck-building duties to him while I blog and earn extra cash for MTG expenses. 🙂 (I’m just a pilot, anyway.)

As part of my online routine, I always check my email and Facebook. While some Facebook updates are really annoying, game requests and gifts still make my day. I give up being a farmer there. My sister is the one managing my Farmville while I’m busy with Backyard Monsters and SIMs Social. Some games are counter-productive yet I can’t help playing them when my blogging tasks seem overwhelming. Fun games relax me. While MTG is a good outlet, some playtests become stressful more than a game should be. Talk about misplays, silly remarks from my guy and more.

So, what are the games that keep me sane when rush projects come in? Most of the time, the kissing games. Kidding. I’d rather do it for real than rely on my SIM. Seriously, there are lots of online girl games that inspire me in several ways. As if Zuma DeLuxe and Tumble Bugs aren’t enough to distract me, I still allot few clicks for puzzle games such as Element Quest, Diamond Puzzle and Vegetables Maching. I mean, they are all fun and perfect for setting up my mood for blogging. Happy thoughts and excited feeling. Sometimes, I also try new stuff from online gaming sites. RPG games are always cool yet there are times that I’m too lazy to complete the quests. Simple e-games are enough to kick me off… I can’t see myself as a hardcore gamer when I’d rather blog while the guys get addicted with MMORPG. Maybe not yet…

Dress Up Girl Game

Dressed Up out of Boredom

Magic: The Gathering And Tower Defense Games

The prerelease for the latest set of Magic: The Gathering, Innistrad, was held yesterday and there were many participants who joined the event. Though today is the second day of the prerelease, majority of players prefer to play on the first day. Magic: The Gathering has been very successful for the past years and countless blocks have been released featuring both remarkable and memorable cards.

It is amazing to think that man’s creativity has no limits and that he has continuously developed various forms of entertainment to ease his eternal boredom. Many years back, mankind was already content in watching travelling performers, watching strong men compete with each other in colossal coliseums in Rome or just gambling their pennies away. However, man is cursed with not being contented. He continued to create things to amuse himself and as technology further advanced, he was able to develop games which do not require a person from going outdoors. Gaming watches were developed.

At first, it kept man’s boredom in check but as the years pass by, he needed more to distract him. He eventually invented the internet not only as a means of communication but rather, as his latest plaything. And in a matter of months, a variety of games like Farmville, Backyard Monsters and many more to name. Today, if someone wants to stave off his boredom, he just has to play games online. In fact, it is actually surprising to see that not only guys play games online these days but girls as well. Not only that, some of them play action games, too.

Magic Defense - Tower Defense Games

Magic Defense

Some notable games available online would be fun games like Castlevania, Super Mario Brothers, Magic Defense and many more. Tower Defense Games are also popular because they are very challenging and require perfect strategy for the player to win. Games have truly evolved and continue to improve. Who knows, the time will come where you can directly participate in the games that you are playing everyday. After the birth of PS3, XBOX and WII, there are still more to expect with the advancement in technology!

Online Games for Girls

Girls and boys have different interests. While girls would rather shop during the weekend, some boys would take that opportunity to play basketball with his male friends. And when they have no choice but to stay at home when situation (or the weather) calls for it, their preferences also differ. Take for example some movies to watch, foods to eat, books to read and games to play. Both may agree to play networked games yet the feminine side of girls will always show up. You can’t blame her if she’d choose Plants VS Zombies, Neopets or other online spiele over your DOTA or Dragon Nest. There are lots of girls spiele to enjoy and these games make a girl more creative, fun and engaged! Guys claim to be more witty, stronger and better in playing online games yet girls have their own unbeatable skills!

Online Games for Girls

The interface of girls games are very different from those of guys. Light and bright hues (read: PINK) are usually incorporated to instill positive and girly atmosphere. While war games, hack and slash, and more actions games appeal to men, women prefer role playing games that suit their personalities. Familiar with SIMS Social on Facebook? Anyway, Facebook is not the only site that offers great online games. Girls Spiele Zone has tons of free flash games for girls of all ages. Fond of dating games? Try Anime SIM, Winter Dance, Moonlight Dating and Love Hina! You can find all the things that you love doing in the form of online games such as dressing up, cooking, nail painting, decorating, make over and more!

Innistrad To-Buy List

I’m happy that I am almost done with my to-do list for September yet I’m alarmed with our upcoming MTG expenses by the end of the month. Gosh, Innistrad is going to drain our wallets! Good thing, there has been slight favorable changes with the Forex rates. I can buy more with my Paypal funds!

Geist of Saint TraftInnistrad To-Buy List

A playset of all Innistrad Enemy Lands
4 Essence of the Wild
2 Kessig Wolf-Run
1-2 Runechanter’s Pike
4 Parallel Lives
4 Liliana of the Veil
3-4 Stoney Silence
3-4 Nevermore
4 Elite Inquisitor

Move Forward Steadily towards Your Monetary Aims with Payday Loans

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Games to Play Online

Mahjong has been known as a gambling game since Confucius’ time and is one of the games played by various people to kill time in the past. However, as time went by, different variations of the game have been developed. While these variations still retain the basic rules of the game, some of these variants are designed purely for fun than as a means of gambling. Mahjong is a multi-player game which requires skills and strategy similar to Magic: The Gathering. And like the latter, the game has been made available online.

Just as with most online games, Mahjong Online gives you the opportunity to play against people living in different parts of the world. Not only is this convenient to play at home but this gives you the chance to build a friendly relationship with people overseas. A typical Mahjong Online game has a set of one hundred forty tiles consisting of three suits; Characters, bamboos and circles. These are comparable to the suits in traditional card game like the clover, spades and diamonds.

Mahjong Burger is one variant which involves tiles having pictures of a variety of foods. The objective of the game is for you to match the foods on the table with the corresponding foods moving from the conveyor machine. The game requires keen eyesight and quick-decision making since it has a timer and everytime you make a mistake, the time lessens drastically. On the other hand, if you are able to match the tiles then your time increases.

How to Play Mahjong Burger

How to Play Mahjong Burger

Another Mahjong Online version is the Great Mahjong Game. It has two modes of play; Classic requires the players to match all the tiles at the soonest possible time. The other one is Time Attack which requires the player to match the tiles in a limited timeframe. These are just a few notable Mahjong games that you can choose to play online. The good thing about it is that you do not have to purchase a software, or a gaming console just to play Mahjong Online. You only have to download it for free from a Mahjong Online website.

Planeswalkers, Circles, and Bamboos

Magic: The Gathering is one of the most successful and popular trading card games existing as of the present. Players take the role of planeswalkers, powerful spellcasters who duel between one another with their decks consisting of various cards which represent their spells. Similar to chess, the game has grown to be a strategically-oriented kind of game which challenges players of all walks of life.

On the other hand, there is also another game which is enjoyed by many people in the world. It is called Mahjong. There are many speculations on the origins of the game. The most common story was that the game Mahjong originated from China at around the year 500 B.C. and was developed by the Chinese philosopher Confucius. Just like Magic: The Gathering, it is a strategy-oriented game which involves the use of tiles which are similar to cards. There are a total of one-hundred forty four tiles with various designs like bamboos, Chinese characters, and circles. The objective of the game is for a player to assemble a legal hand which consists of fourteen tiles made out of four melds or pong, which means a specific pattern of three pieces, or a hand which consists of a pair of tiles referred to as “the eyes”.

Mahjong Games

For many years, the game Mahjong has evolved into various versions of the game and in fact, it has invaded the world of the internet! Playing Mahjong Online is no different from playing a game of Magic: The Gathering Online or commonly referred to as MTGO. Players can chat with other players online through the chat tab which makes the game more interesting. Furthermore, this can establish a healthy friendship between you and the other players.

Mahjong Online can be played by four people but if there are only three players available, then a set of tiles needs to be removed. It is really amazing to think that technology these days is so fast-paced that it has made games like Magic: The Gathering and Mahjong playable online. And it is even more interesting to think that an ancient game like Mahjong can now be enjoyed by different people online without having to see them personally.

Print My Double-Faced Cards!

I was not able to play that much last August and I’m planning to make it up this September. I think the last time I played was at the Philippine Open 2011. This month, I’ll be a grinder! Well, hopefully.

My boyfriend and I will play at Sky Garden tomorrow. Sometimes, Sunday tournaments are more convenient for us. My problem is, I don’t know what deck to play yet. Because we had a series of play testing using multiple decks, I think I lost my “identity” deck. I don’t what I want to play anymore. Control is a big no-no for me but after reading some MTG articles that say control is king and that you must play the best deck, I think I’m sold (Read: How to Lose a Match in 10 Plays). Half-heartedly, I guess. My first attempt to use control decks hasn’t been successful and I’m too scared to use blue cards. I’m not that good with counters… and so how would I win in the counter wars?

My RDW is still in the tweaking process and we’re not yet done finalizing the decklist. It’s hard to decide what cards to add and take out if you’re not playing that much to observe the meta and playtest your deck. Last weekend, I piloted decks in a day – UB Control, Caw-Blade, Naya-Pod, and Chandra Control. In the end, I couldn’t choose among them because of my so-so performance. I might play UB control tomorrow for the very first time in my life and I hate both colors. LOL. I’m more comfortable with white, green and red but let’s see where it will take me.

Aside from the MTG tournament, I’m also excited about the upcoming release of new expansion: INNISTRAD. I’ve just read some walkthrough of the major new and returning mechanics of Innistrad and double-faced cards got me!

Daybreak Ranger

Each transformation seems lovely! Especially Garruk Relentless to Garruk, the Veil-Cursed. Should players say “Henshin” with conviction? I’d love to!

Garruk Relentless - Garruk the Veil-Cursed

How to use double-faced cards?

To put a double-faced card into your deck, you have two options: You can put your entire deck in opaque card sleeves, as many players already do, or you can use the checklist card provided in many Innistrad packs. – magicthegathering.com

But for my convenience, I prefer having two actual copies in different sleeves. One for the main deck, and one for transformation purposes. Instead of removing it from sleeves and flipping it after ‘transform’, I’d rather have extra copies in different sleeves (just like what I’m doing with my tokens). Might mean extra money though. I might look for affordable business card printing services for my double-faced cards!