Liliana on My Mind!

Oh gosh! I’m so inlove with Liliana of the Veil! So hot and sexy! ^vixen^
– my Facebook Wall

I’m haven’t finished reading the Liliana’s Mission article yet, but I’m already going frenzy with the sight of this artwork (by Steve Argyle):

Liliana of the Veil Full Art

And for some reason, the close up photo reminds me of Angelina Jolie. The lips, maybe.

As for the abilities, I don’t care that much. Read: Not a black player here. But I’ll be happy to have one or a set for vanity’s sake. Hello, PR!

Liliana of the Veil

Playing with PV @ CFB: Women and Magic

It’s been a while since I last read an MTG article. I haven’t visited SCG, CFB or MTG official site lately. So when I saw my boyfriend intently looking at the laptop screen with a familiar expression on his face, I’m sure he was checking some sort of deck lists or reading an MTG article. I knew it! And I wasn’t surprised to see him browsing through PV’s articles at Channel Fireball. He missed a lot of articles, hence, the need for catching up. He was reading What Makes a Good Deck Good?when I interrupted him. I wasn’t in the mood to read a long walkthrough yet so he just suggested reading one of the most interesting articles: PV’s Playhouse – Women and Magic

For the love of anime, I’m grabbing an image of Chandra Nalaar from She’s a woman after all. Just not my favorite female MTG artwork. I love Windwright Mage the most!

Chandra Nalaar Anime Version

Ready, charge! As fierce as Chandra!

We have Japanese Jace VS Chandra duel deck but I’m too lazy to take pictures now.

Anyway, back to the topic…

It was an interesting article, indeed! Even the comments are worth-reading. Here’s the comment I’ve posted:

Oh gosh 207 comments! At first I was counting the responses from females until got tired reading every comment (especially the harsh ones). Hehe.

{So, maybe if we promise the girls a date with Kibler if they Top 8 they’ll do better!
And if they punt, they have to cuddle with Matt Nass for a bit.}

^Appeals to me. Hehe. Kidding. How about a prize structure that caters to girls’ interest? Makeup. Designer shoes. Signature dresses. 🙂

Woman here, btw. (Isn’t it obvious?) And I believe that “for every girl playing MTG, there’s a CLOSE guy who taught her how to play”. 🙂 It could be her brother, father, boyfriend, colleague, or name a special guy. That’s it.

And women can invite more girls into the community by starting with their close friends, too. But as we all know, not all girls are interested with TCG. My boyfriend and I taught my sister how to play, but we sensed that she lacked PASSION. She understood the game and played with us, but I couldn’t see the SPARK in her eyes. Really. Everything should start with one’s INTEREST. (And most of the time, the interested ones are the top performers of the class.) Dedication and determination will just follow.

I’ve observed that most MTG players are intellectual. They’ve got degrees. Honor graduates. Achievers. And I’m not an exception.

I think that this game is for the BRAINY. Yet, the game challenges more than one’s INTELLIGENCE. So we can’t force typical woman to like this game. I’d love to know the profiles of women who’s into MTG. How about a poll or survey? Or maybe checking the female players’ IQ?

I have more thoughts to share. Though I haven’t accomplished much as the women interviewed by PV, I have my own take on the things discussed in the article. But because I’m running out of time, I’ll just update this post later. (Tsk. I hate it when there are lots of pending tasks!)

MTG Philippine Open 2011

I wasn’t emotionally fit for the big event yet I chose to play. I believed that I have all the energy, determination and mental strength to keep winning playing. Not until the consecutive losses weakened my fighting spirit. Hell, no! The pessimistic side’s urge to drop the next few rounds didn’t succeed. I played up to the last round which rewarded me with a free win by default. Not that I am happy winning that way, though. I prefer actual and fair matches.

It was my second time to use RDW in a weekend tournament. (First time was at SM North Sky Garden which made me appreciate the RED deck.) Though I had my playtests during FNMs (plus GAME DAYs), it just gave me a little hint of the Philippine Open’s meta, hence the confusion of what to sideboard. Of course I was expecting UB Control, Caw Blade, Valakut, Hawkward and more RDWs! Hmmm. What else? Not sure. I just let my boyfriend tweaked my deck based on the feedback I’ve given him. Hehe. So here we go!



Liz MTG Phil Open

Round 1: RDW VS Caw-Blade


Babu MTG Phil Open

The Boyfriend - He's awesome in white! 🙂

Round 1: DRAW
vs Caw Blade: 1 – 1

Round 2: LOSS
vs BG Dungrove: 1 – 2

Round 3: LOSS
vs BR Vampires: 0 – 2

Round 4: LOSS
vs Hawkward (Tempered): 1 – 2

Round 5: WIN
vs UB Control: 2 – 1

Round 6: WIN
vs UGW Control (Rogue): 2 – 0

Round 7: DRAW
vs Caw Blade: 1 – 1

Round 8: LOSS
vs Eldrazi: 1 – 2

Round 9: WIN
No Show

(UPDATE: Sorry guys, I was not able to update this with a detailed report… It’s been a week and I can no longer recall the highlights of my matches.)