M12 Booster Box: Rare and Mythics

We’re finally done sorting out the cards from M12 booster box. Not so lucky. Grrr. I’m still upset with the MRT incident.

Mythic Rare:


Cards for Sale to follow…

Red Deck Wins, Literally!

My first time to use a red deck (monored deck = RDW) was such an awesome experience! I never thought I can learn the deck in one night and synchronize with it the next morning! Thanks to my boyfriend for the encouragement, deck list and playtests. At first I was confused playing sorceries and instants because I’m used to playing almost nothing but creatures! Yup, been and still an aggro player here.

I wasn’t really comfortable playing red, and with so much excitement and uneasiness at the same time I forgot to document my matches. Or even take down mental notes at the least. Jitters! The most that I can remember is as follow:

Round 1: WIN
vs Exarch Twin: 2 – 0

What an early rematch for me and my boyfriend. Last time we played M12 PR, we were paired against each other. Grrrr. *wink*

Round 2: LOSS
vs RDW: 1 – 2

Shrine of Burning Rage WARS. He got Manic Vandal, I just got Shatter. He had Devastating Summons, too. And his deck can transform to K-Red.

Round 3: WIN
vs UB Control: 2 – 1

Goblin Grenade FTW! You know how fast RDW works, and I’ve got a good opening hand on two games.

Round 4: WIN
vs Puresteel Metalcraft: 2 – 0

Big thanks to Arc Trail, none of his weenies survived. Thanks to Flame Slash that killed his Batterskull’s Germ, Kiln Fiend + Lightning bolt for ruining his Spellskite + Sword of Body and Mind setup, Spikeshot Elder + Teetering Peeks + 3 Mountains for deadly damage, and to Shrine of the Burning Rage and Staggershock for being my finishers. Game 2 was really in favor of me. He got only one Plains in play, the other 4 lands are colorless. Too bad, he wasn’t able to cast his two Kor Firewalker. I came prepared with Dismember anyway. 🙂

Round 5: WIN
vs UB Control: 2 – 0

Honestly, I’m used to these decks. Even when I was using monowhite Quest, GW Quest, Naya Aggro; I’ve faced a handful of UB players. Sometimes I won, sometimes I loss. Thing is, I really know how their decks work and it’s a goddamn bonus!

I managed to win game 1 to think that my 2nd-4th Mountains became Islands. Grrrr Spreading Seas in 3 consecutive turns! Shrine of Burning Rage dealt 5 damage to my opponent before it got bounced by Into the Roil. Game 2, my Goblin Guides partied with Kiln Fiend and another Goblin Grenade to finish the game.

Finished 4 – 1. Was it the deck, or was it me? Was it the meta at SM North Sky Garden? All I know is that I enjoyed playing this RDW deck and I might play it again in FNMs. Somehow, I felt that playing red still tapped the aggro side of me. My goal is the same with creature-based decks, defeat the opponent in less than 5 turns!

Whew! Finally, another MTG session that revived my senses!

M12 Prerelease

Hello planeswalkers!

DSC01502_M12 Prerelease

Hello walkers!

My boyfriend and I didn’t perform well last PR so I don’t have the guts to post our decklists. I was paired against him on the last round and he let me win. Lol. My only consolation is that I’ve got Chandra the Firebrand on my card pool! Yay! A money rare that covers my PR registration fee.