MTG Clean Up: What To Do With Empty Booster Packs?

After a successful and tiresome general cleaning last weekend, the room looks neat and tidy now! Yippee. Playing magic would be more relaxing! No more unsorted cards, damaged sleeves, floating tokens, crumpled score sheet, upside-down deckboxes and scattered booster packs. Oh, no. This is not a geeky MTG room. 🙂

I was about to throw away a plastic bag of empty booster packs when an idea hits me! I want to recycle them! So now, I have them back with me. I’ve shredded few packs and still thinking of a good design to get started with. By now, you might have and idea of what I’m up to.

Empty MTG Booster Packs

Empty MTG Booster Packs

Let’s think of it as the grand draw… time for the grand prize winner! Ewww. Shuffling empty packs! I can’t imagine that it will pile up like this. I’m a random booster-tripper and so as my boyfriend. We buy PACKS from every MTG shop we visit and it’s so addictive. Hop, hop, and hop! 🙂

Draw lots:

First: ROE

First: ROE

Second Draw: M11

Second: M11

Third Draw: New Phyrexia

Third: NPH

Looking forward to rewarding M12 packs. Gotta pre-order booster boxes now!

Jace, The Mind Sculptor and Stoneforge Mystic: Banned in Standard

Shall I wave goodbye to my deck now? I was using Stoneforge Mystic ever since and just when I’m about to try blue decks, JTMS got banned as well. 🙁 Seems that, control decks aren’t really meant for me.

My boyfriend and I have 5 Stoneforge Mystic and a set of Jace, The Mind Sculptor. Who won’t get upset?

JTMS SFM Banned In Standard

JTMS SFM Banned In Standard

And with Aaron Forsythe‘s softskills, I don’t know what to feel. Consoling with a win-back strategy:

Believe me, it’s a good problem to have, people playing your game in record numbers. I just want to point out that we’re in uncharted waters now. We’ll do what we can to keep things interesting in the current system, but who knows what limitations any given iteration of Standard has in this new world? All I ask is that, should it be necessary, you remain as tolerant of formats’ shortcomings in the coming years as you were for the past few months, and trust that we’re working on ways to keep the game as fresh and dynamic and engaging as we can.

I’m buoyed by the fact that even if one expression of Magic begins to fatigue, as Standard has recently, there are still many other fun ways to engage the game, whether through Limited play, other Constructed formats like Legacy and Block Constructed, casual formats like Commander, and video games like Duels of the Planeswalkers. We work hard on all of those things, because we want you to have options as consumers, but also because we enjoy them ourselves. Again, having all these formats as fallbacks is no excuse to screw up the most-played one like we did, but problems like the ones we are having now are a big reason why we try to create so many compelling options. I know it is easy to grow angry or annoyed with us when things get out of whack, but I assure you that Magic is and always will be a labor of love.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding.


Reminds me of customer service department.

Obviously, this breaking news ruined my day. Even a  less proficient player has the right to snap, right?

I started playing Magic in the Lorwyn block when I got Bitterblossom from a Morningtide booster pack. Since then, I became active and dedicated magic player but I haven’t achieved anything great yet. This is the first ever banning I’ve witnessed and it’s very disheartening. I don’t know. Maybe because I’m so attached with Stoneforge and can’t believe that JTMS got banned without me using it even once… Oh well, I’ve never been a blue player so what’s with the sudden oh-so-down mood? JTMS won’t hurt my decks, anyway!

MTG Feature Article: Standard Bannings Explained

Surely, I’ll miss Caw-Blade matches! Good food for my Naya deck pre-NPH.

NO to Grand Prix Singapore 2011


MTG Grand Prix Singapore 2011

June 4 - 5 @ Singapore Expo

First of all, I’m frustrated with the sudden turn of events and schedule conflicts . My boyfriend can’t leave his new job while I’m tied up with rescheduled activities.

We’re supposed to be flying to Singapore by now. It’s supposed to be a one-week vacation! Yeah, until June 7!

No to GrandPrix Singapore

No to GrandPrix Singapore!

Unfortunately, the “Blogging for a Cause” activity was moved to June 4, same with Blog4Reviews Convention. Both activities mean so much to me and I’ve already exerted much time, money and effort to cancel them out. The same holds true with our booked flight. My only consolation is that I haven’t got a return plane ticket yet. But I am not happy about it. If I could go and fly there before the GP starts, I will. I’ve been to Singapore before and I have friends there who can accommodate me. Singapore is a safe and nice place, too so I have nothing to worry if ever I’ll be there alone. But it just sucks to see the clear signs of “me staying here” instead of playing! You may say that I’m no PRO to be disappointed about this matter but I’m an MTG addict who’d love to play every event whenever I can. I’ve also set my expectations and now it’s driving me nuts. I just thought that this will be my 2nd time to join Grand Prix, GP Manila being the first. So much for preparing daarken‘s cards!

I was even hoping to play my tweaked Naya Toolbox deck after soliciting some advice from Valeriy Shunkov. The EVIL Lotus Cobra made a great difference put up an amazing show during playtests and I’m excited to make the most out of it during actual games…

My boyfriend is still working on the sideboard plan so I’ll just upload the deck list later.

Just found out that I’ll be missing two more events this June 4:
Grand Bazaar at Megatent – I’d like to join the bazaar to promote Human Nature organic skincare products.
DPP (Digital Photographer Philippines) On a High 5th Anniversary Party – I’d like to attend this event to learn more about photography especially that there will be a lot of notable speakers.