Blue-White (UW) Control

I’m not a control player ever since but I wish to use this deck on my next FNM. Need more playtests! I’m used to being aggro and it’s about time to try something else…

Magic The Gathering Art Works and Hidden Stories

This is really interesting but it took me long to post this gallery because I’m not sure if they are interrelated art works. Upon confirmation of one of the Magic: The Gathering players, I am now confident to share this cool MTG images!

What’s the relationship among Akroma, Angel of Wrath, Akromas Memorial and Sword of Vengeance? As you can see, Akroma is carrying the Sword of Vengeance and Akroma’s Memorial is their statue. Other than that story line, I was not able to find any related write ups on the web. Maybe the images really speak for themselves!