Eldrazi – Allies

Needs playtest!

Scars of Mirrodin Pre-release

My boyfriend and I managed to register on time for the afternoon flight in the first day of Scars of MirrodinPre-release. We had our lunch first and head to our assigned seats. Flight E seemed to have issues with players since few just dropped and we didn’t have enough head count. As a result, we waited for two more players from the other pod. There came the die roll with “pass two to the right” result. I reluctantly passed mine. Though I didn’t have any chased or money rares there, I was able to build a decent deck in my mind. Tic-tac-tic-tac and the two players who just joined in were still filling up their card checklist. Their cards were supposed to be passed to my boyfriend and me. Finally we got hold of them! Guess what… the judge just called out loud to declare “last 15 minutes for deckbuilding”! I wasn’t even done checkingĀ  the new cards that I’ve got! And when my boyfriend said that there should be additional time for us two, the judge said that it has been considered already! Oh well, I guess I really have to play the first few cards that caught my attention while browsing.

Scars of Mirrodin PR

Time's up!

I told my boyfriend how disappointed I was with my new card pool and the deck that I’ve made. I was still 0-2 after two rounds. I was tempted to drop the game but we then decided to play with our decks until we finish the four rounds. Good enough, I won the last two rounds. 2-2 standing is really a so-so performance!

Here’s the deck that I played with. Pfffft! Not impressive!

I still got two booster packs! The last one has Ratchet Bomb and Hand of the Praetors foil!

Though I did not get any planeswalker, I was still happy at the end of the day! We had a great time with the PAPETS (Sesame Street Conspirators) and it was also our 37th monthsary. The two of us had our own loving moments past midnight!

SSC at SoM Afterparty

SSC SoM Afterparty @ Muchos

Soul Sisters and My MTG Brothers

Here we are!

Liz and MTG Puppets

The Sesame Street Conspirators!

Labeled by Kishin, from Left to Right(forum names, except for Bo):

Upper Left: l_i_z, Bo, Elvish Leila
Lower Left: turkeycheeze, yuel0022, bugslife
UpperMid: aldouz
LowerMid: Dallas, blood_ice
Right Part: kira, coleenta, chie012

And my deck:

Finished 2-2. Not bad after no practice, and no tourney days for months!

Updates to follow – my misplays and what I’ve learned. Lol.

Still looking for 2 Linvala, Keeper of Silence to replace Pithing Needle! Tweaking my deck now.

Vengevine Set For Me!


Better than Jack's "magic" beans...

My boyfriend and I did not join the GPT Sydney last Saturday but we dropped by at the tourney area to buy few cards that we need. We’re fortunate enough to get 3x Vengevine (1 for P1300 and the other 2x for P2800) making it a set at home! My Naya Allies got a formidable ally now! šŸ˜€

But we’re still playtesting my Soul Sisters against his own version of RW Pyromancer so we also bought Serra Ascendant and Pyromancer Ascension to complete our decks. He might just use Vengevine on his Jund since I won’t be playing my allies any time soon. We have to do a lot of tweaking and testing.

I’m so excited to play again and so happy to have new decks! Still looking for Linvala, Keeper of Silence though.