Regionals 2010: 3-3-Drop!

I was really happy that Saturday because I was able to play again. Lots of familiar faces, imagine more than 190 players that I don’t see every weekend joined this event. Great. I’ve joined the Regionals last year and I ranked 20th. Not bad.

I was with my boyfriend and I even told him that there are so many pro-players around and for me, it’s like my first time again joining the tourney. Hehe.  He said that there’s nothing to be worried about because we’re there to enjoy and to play-test our deck. So true! I used my new deck on the Regionals – Naya Allies. Because it was my first time to pilot it, I had so many misplays and I really took long before playing my cards. Whew.

This is not an official tournament report. I just wanna share my match up and the results:

Round 1:

Bant Conscription: 0 – 2

What I hate about his deck: Eldrazi Conscription and Baneslayer Angel.

Round 2:

Elfdrazi: 2 – 0

Game highlight:  For 3 consecutive turns, Fog prevented the 20+ damage from my allies.

Regionals 2010

Regionals 2010

Round 3:

Open The Vaults: 0 – 2


Forgot to attack Bloodbraid Elf when opponent was already down to 1.

And, my TukTuk Scrapper did not deal damage to him after destroying one of his artifacts. 🙁

We should have a game 3.

Round 4:

Open The Vaults:  2 – 1

Lesson learned, right?

Round 5:

Open The Vaults: 2 – 0

Here come’s revenge! LOL

Round 6:

Vampire: 0 – 2

Not a good match. I hate the flying and Pro-white creatures. How about Vampire Hexmage? Argh. Worse, he crushed me on game 2. SBed: Deathmark, Smother, Doomblade. LOL. So much for gaining protection from any color of my choice. haha.

Round 7: Drop

Round 8: Drop

I was actually sleeping on the table in between rounds and when Round 7 came, I told my boyfriend that I wanna go home coz I can’t play anymore. Since were both in a night shift, we didn’t get any sleep before the tournament. I had second thoughts because there were 2 more rounds and I want to make the most out of this day. Hey, I paid for the entrance fee to play test this deck. Haha.

But then again, as much as I wanted to play, my brain was no longer working, my head was like spinning around and my eyes struggled to stay open. Settled. We went home together. It was  my very first time to DROP in a tournament and I’m not happy about it. *sigh*

I learned a lot and the most important lesson I’ve learned is to get acquainted with your deck first before playing. Piloting Allies was a LOT different from Kithkins. Also, get enough rest and sleep. Hehe.

Naya Allies

I intend to use the Monowhite Allies this Regionals if I will be able to join but my boyfriend insists that Naya Allies is better so he build this one. My fear? I might be joining without playtest again. Rather, WE.

White Ally Deck: Unplayed

Since my host moved to a different server, I was not able to access this blog for few days. Thanks to Pinkville, I was able to post a screenshot of my unused deck.

This is my official err personal MTG blog so I am posting that deck again here.

I really feel bad about it. We spent money to buy Elspeth and then I was not able to use them in the tournament. How sad. I miss playing. I don’t care how much I paid for those cards, all I want is to enjoy the game once again. I am not even sure if I will be able to join the Regionals this weekend. I wish I could. Who has a spare Bloodbraid Elf?