Sarkhan The Mad Made My Day!

It was my first time at Neutral Grounds Megamall and the first thing I do each time I’m in a new MTG store is to buy a booster pack. I picked one and here’s what I’ve got!

Sarkhan the Mad

Oh yeah! And I learned to quit while I’m ahead. (Applies to Booster Trip) Unfortunately/Fortunately, my boyfriend bought two more packs for him and I didn’t find anything remarkable with his rares. Ugghhh. That was the end of it. Haha!

We have 2 Sarkhan, The Mad now and he will use it on his Jund deck. Right now, I’m looking for Student of Warfare for my new deck. Sad to say, I was not able to play my Ally Deck on any tournament. Tsk.

MTGirl Is A BC Blogger

MTGirl means a lot of things. MTG + Girl. My expensive and mind-boggling hobby – Magic: The Gathering. The impulsive and fickle-minded girl – ME.

It can also mean MTG In Real Life. Or ask my boyfriend and he will have so much to say about MTG. My Troublesome Girlfriend? Kidding! My Top-notch Girl? LOL.


I would like to know what the world will say about MTGirl. So to reveal my online presence, err, to highlight my existence, I am joining BC Bloggers 3. You can join as well!

Calling all bloggers who want to gain friends in the blogosphere and build links at the same time – BC Bloggers 3 is now open. To join just visit Mommy Diary, read the requirements, and fill out the Application Form.


Had a great time playing at the RoE Pre-release. I also met a new girl player – Ruby. 🙂

Go girls!!!

RoE PR: Round 1

RoE PR: Round 1

Thanks to Zeich for the MTG Helper codes. And now here’s my RoE PR deck. Finished 3-1! Same as my boyfriend.

Eldrazi Conscription’s my MVP. Loveeee it!

Then we playtested our decks at home. Guess who won. ^_^

*Note: Still struggling with ‘ (apostrophe) and double-spacing codes. 🙁

Aura-trix Deck

Now that I was able to play around the MTG helper plug-in, let me post some of the decks that we have constructed.

That’s my boyfriend’s deck last RoE Pre Release!  Wanna play a game? Let me post my deck list and guess who won.


My First Rare Card From Booster Pack

Read the full story here

*Just testing if my mtg-helper plugin is working

*Note: I intentionally used the deck HTML code instead of cardlist HTML code since the former appears to be more organized than the latter. There is a specific card position for deck HTML code unlike the other one which lets the card pop up from anywhere depending on the available space on your screen.

Magic-Inspired Blog

RiseoftheEldralizThis marked my most awaited return to MTG community. I had a good Pre Release experience last Sunday and it feels so good to be back. Seriously, after being on a hiatus for more than six months I felt I was a newbie during the tournament. But before I continue babbling about Magic: The Gathering, let me first explain why I am here.

Here.  I mean WordPress. I just purchased an Earth Day Blog Hosting Package and this is a part of my experiment. Kinda. In some way, yes. Remember my eight blogs on blogspot? They will be migrated here soon! Sssshhhh. It’s pretty obvious that I’m itching to blog to the point of posting senseless thoughts. Haha. Sorry.

Kidding aside, switching to WordPress is a good move and one of the best decisions I have made as a blogger. I will just share the details next time. I have to relive my “magic” moments!

rise of the eldrazi‘Rise of the Eldraliz’ was crafted from Rise of the Eldrazi’s official logo. Thanks to Kira, my co-Puppeters.  Aside from the refreshing feeling of being able to play again, I am also delighted because I finished 3-1! Though I am aiming for a T-shirt, this standing is not bad for a returning amateur player. That shirt is oversized anyway! Haha. Sourgraping. Gosh, pun-intended. As much as I wanted to be a little formal here, I can’t help fooling around.

Okay, wanna know my MVP? Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief and Eldrazi Conscription! I was able to construct a decent deck and I will post the deck list after installing the MTG plug-ins. I have so much more to share so stay tuned!